Adorable Photos Of Dogs Praying

Holy Moly: Dogs Do Pray (Photos) via Babble
I wonder what these little guys are praying for!

Go to bed and say your prayers. Many of us say this to our children, but how many of us say it to our dogs? From the looks of the photos below, it seems that just maybe a few of us actually do.

You know, even our canine friends get spiritually lost sometimes despite all our efforts to keep them centered.

But sometimes their devotional aspirations are more self centered, and they just want more stuff, like food, for example. After all, food motivated pups will do everything they can for an extra scrap from the dinner table, including saying a prayer or two.

And when their owners deny them a treat, or they can quite work out a problem (say like that pesky cat next door), they turn to a higher power.

Check out these adorable photos of dogs praying:

  • Prayer Stance 1 of 10
    Prayer Stance
    This is a piece of cake.
    Image: Flickr/ NYSeoul
  • Oh my God 2 of 10
    Oh my God
    ...please, pleeeease give me one more piece! Amen.
    Image: Flickr/ vgkchick
  • Religious Teaching 3 of 10
    Religious Teaching
    "And then you fold your paws like so..."
    Image: Flickr/ maya_mayoori
  • Preacher Pup 4 of 10
    Preacher Pup
    Let us pray.
    Image: Flickr/ courtoon
  • My church 5 of 10
    My church
    A mini Dachshund pew
    Image: Flickr/ claire.sweet
  • Collecting His Thoughts 6 of 10
    Collecting His Thoughts
    before services even begin
    Image: Flickr/ twenty-years
  • Dear God 7 of 10
    Dear God
    This ia a tough one and I need some support....
    Image: Flickr/ live w mcs
  • Now I lay me down to sleep 8 of 10
    Now I lay me down to sleep
    ...I pray the Lord my pups to keep..
    Image: Flickr/ also.jermannlabs
  • OK, pups, this is how you bow 9 of 10
    OK, pups, this is how you bow
    or get a really good stretch!
    Image: Flickr/ Picturebum
  • Act of Contrition 10 of 10
    Act of Contrition
    Oh God I am so sorry for what I did to that cat.
    Image: Flickr/ DDA1

Image: YouTube


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