After 25 Years, Ohio Says Pit Bulls No Longer 'Vicious'

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This pit bull seems pleased with the news.

Dog owners know the truth when it comes to dogs and danger: generally speaking, dogs are what people make them. Still certain breeds, especially pit bulls, get a bum rap because they are lovable creatures when nurtured in a loving home. (Remember the pit bull that took a bullet to the head while trying to protect his owner?) Yet there are still those that feel that pit bulls are trouble and should be kept away from families. Ohio was one of those states up until yesterday, but now a new law has been passed taking pit bulls as a breed off the list of vicious dogs.

The new law deletes the words ‘pit bulls’ from the ‘vicious’ definition and “requires evidence to prove pit bulls are actually vicious“.”

Now, instead of focusing on a breed as a whole, each individual dog will be judged on their behavior:

Nuisance dogs will be those that have chased or approached someone aggressively without provocation.

Dangerous dogs will include dogs that have injured someone, killed another dog, or have stacked up three or more “nuisance dog” violations.

Vicious dogs will now define any dog that kills or seriously injures a person without provocation. Without a judge’s pardon, it will be euthanized.

Are you glad that pit bulls have been taken off the vicious list in Ohio? Do you think pit bulls get a bum rap?

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