After Very Big Loss: NHL Player’s Dogs Trash The House

The guilty guys.

Sometimes our dogs are our biggest fans.

And sometimes, maybe they’re our biggest critics too.

Just ask the NHL’s Karl Alzner. The Washington Capitals defenseman was on the ice for a good portion of the Caps playoff game against the New York Rangers the other night and so it must have stung him as hard as anyone when his team lost 2-1 in triple overtime. Playoff games are always tough ones to lose. Playoff games in triple overtime are simply devastating ones to drop.

So, when the game was done and Alzner had iced himself down and headed home to try and unwind, the last thing he ever probably expected was to find that two of his best buds, his dogs, had turned his place upside down.

But that’s just what happened.

Now, there is no telling, of course, whether or not the dogs had some sixth sense about something amiss. And there is no report on whether or not the pooches actually had the game on the tube while Alzner was at the arena. Yet, one look at the picture the hockey pro posted on his Twitter acount after arriving home surely tells some kind of story, no?

I mean, those two dudes look almost giddy to be seeing their master again, huh?

And I’m wondering if maybe they feel so darn good because they took out all their Big Game Loss frustrations out on that pair of slippers that were sacrificed in the post-game riot that occurred at some point in the night?

Hockey players are pretty stoic guys though. Along with the hilarious photo that he posted, all that Alzner had to add was short and to-the-point.

“Dogs not happy about the loss either,” he Tweeted.

Hope they pick up a win next game, for his living room’s sake.

Photo: Karl Alzner/Twitter


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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