Almost Human: Monkey Uses Toilet (Video)

Almost Human: Monkey Uses Toilet (Video) via Babble
Potty training 101…monkey style

When I was a child,  my friends never believed me when I told them my long-haired, black, adorable cat named Scorpio (who we affectionately called Pio) used the toilet…everyday.

I remember when I was home alone one day and heard streaming water in the bathroom, so I peered in and saw him sitting on the toilet. Thinking, I was crazy, I dismissed it, until he did it again and again.

He would use the toilet everyday to urinate and use the cat pan for his other bathroom activities. He was a beautiful, unique creature and he died way too young at age two from an enlarged heart. I have never had another pet (cat or dog) that used the toilet again.

Perhaps, I should have tried a monkey.

This monkey in the video below not only uses the toilet but she uses the toilet paper, too. I wonder if she was taught or just did it on her own like my Pio. In any case, it’s a must-see.



Image: YouTube


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