Time for a Cat Nap! 7 Incredible Beds for Kitty

If there’s one thing cats know how to do… it’s SLEEP. Statistically, cats snooze about 20 hours a day, so it’s no surprise they’ve mastered the art of getting cozy — often in the strangest of places.

My cat, Kitten, prefers to nap on the arm of my couch, but I’ve also found her snoozing in kitchen cupboards, the dryer, the footrest under my desk, window sills, in the bookcase, on top of the heat vent, in dresser drawers… the list goes on. A few times I’ve even caught her trying to sneak inside the refrigerator… but I suppose that might be for another reason altogether.

Recently, I’ve been considering purchasing a bed specifically for my little furball — if only to keep her from shedding all over my bed (a preferred snuggle spot).

Click through for some of the coolest kitty beds I’ve ever seen!

  • iCat 1 of 7
    My ultra nerdy, pet loving self ADORES this funky cat bed made from an upcycled Apple Computer.
    Available at: Atomic Attic
  • Go Modern 2 of 7
    Go Modern
    This one actually looks like something I'd like to have in a much bigger size for my living room. Trendy cats!
    Available at: ModPet NYC
  • Shabby Chic 3 of 7
    Shabby Chic
    For all the vintage lovin' kittens in your life.
    Available at: Cadeaux de Catherine
  • Mid Century Style 4 of 7
    Mid Century Style
    I'd almost be afraid to let my cat shed on this work of art!
    Available at: CANOPYstudio
  • Wooly 5 of 7
    Peekaboo! What a perfect spot for kittens to hide out for a nap.
    Available at: Vaiva Nat
  • Briefcase Bed 6 of 7
    Briefcase Bed
    Fit for a queen... or at least a kitty who thinks she is!
    Available at: Spaghetteria
  • On A Pedestal 7 of 7
    On A Pedestal
    Any kitty would be pleased by this perfect perch!
    Available at: Atomic Attic

Now the tricky part… choosing my favorite!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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