An Interview with Daisy the Curly Cat

If you don’t follow the blog Daisy the Curly Cat, you should. In it Daisy and her brother Harley share her curly cat world in a fun and fashionable manner. As an accomplished blogger, humorist, and feline model, Daisy is often seen showing off a variety of clothing.

I view Daisy as a feline blogging sensation. Since 2006, she has entertained and inspired me, and she was one of the motivating factors behind my own pet blogging. Daisy the Curly Cat won the 2012 Petties Award for funniest blog. She also has had her own Hallmark greeting card!

In this slideshow interview, you can learn more about Daisy and see some of her fun feline fashions and antics. Be sure to follow her online and on the Daisy Facebook Page for more!

  • Interviewing Daisy 1 of 17
    Daisy the curly cat interview

     Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Getting Started Blogging 2 of 17

    Question: Why did you start your blog?


    Daisy:  Years ago, I was a little bit lonely, so I decided to sign up for Catster so I could meet other cats. Then I found out about blogging from my extra-special friend named Skeezix/ (I miss him so much.) I have met many nice people, cats and other critters throughout the years. I love sharing my life with others, and also visiting with all of my online friends. Sometimes I get emails from people letting me know that they look forward to reading my blog every day. That makes me feel very happy inside. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Blogging Over the Years 3 of 17

    Question: You have been blogging since 2006, how has the blog changed over the years?


    Daisy: Well, I have to admit that I didn't have the first idea what I was doing when I started blogging! I have learned a lot over the years, but actually I think those first few months when I was just starting out were very exciting. Now that I'm getting older, I let Harley do a little bit of blogging some days. (I'm 9. Years.)


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Favorite Blog Features 4 of 17
    PicMonkey Collage

    Question: Your blog has a lot of reoccurring themes, such as comic strips and fashion shoots. What is your favorite among those? 


    Daisy: Well, my very favorite is my Fashion Friday feature. But I have enjoyed sharing other adventures in the past. One of my favorites was when I grew my very own butterflies! I grew them from a jar of worms, and then I set them free after they hatched. I'm still hoping my bag of gummy worms will turn into butterflies. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Expert Modeling 5 of 17
    daisy poses

    Question: Name something you consider yourself to be an expert at. 


    Daisy: Posing! I have been doing this for so long that I know just what to do. I often strike a pose with my head tilted or my paw raised because my photographer seems to like that. When my Mommeh says "Good Girl!" I know to keep doing that thing. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Handling Fame Responsibly 6 of 17
    pink swan4

    Question: You are a pretty famous feline. Is it hard to be in the limelight? 


    Daisy: It sure is a big responsibility! I think all of us blogging cats help show people what wonderful companions we can be. There are still many, many cats in shelters across the U.S. waiting to find a home of their own, so I hope I can do a little bit to convince people to adopt a cat. My brother Harley lived at the shelter for six months before we adopted him! 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Three Things You Should Know About Daisy 7 of 17
    Daisy Collage 1

    Question: What 3 things should people know most about you?


    Daisy: First, I actually love modeling. I get lots of delicious, healthy treats during my photo shoots, so when I see the camera and one of my little outfits, I run right over and start drooling in anticipation. If you look closely at some of my photos, you might be able to see some drool on my face!


    Second, I am very, very smart. My Mommeh says that when she talks to me, I'm always focused on her face trying to figure out exactly what she wants from me. It doesn't take me very long to figure things out or to learn new tricks.


    Third, I'm pretty small. Even though I have a big, round belleh I weigh just about 8 pounds. But I am very agile and love to jump up on things. 


     Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • About Harley 8 of 17
    Harley Collage

    Question: Your brother Harley seems like quite a character. Give me five words that you think best describes him. 


    Daisy: Maniac. Pesky younger brother. Friend. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Daisy’s Pets 9 of 17

    Question: You have had a number of your own pets. Did you have a favorite? 


    Daisy: Harley's favorite was our gerbils, Bert and Ernie. They both live at the Rainbow Bridge now. I did enjoy my pet rock, sTony.  He was very easy to take care of.  But sTony got lost in the move. I hope he is okay. How long do pet rocks live, anyway? 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Feline Hobbies 10 of 17
    bird watching

    Question: What is your favorite hobby? 


    Daisy: I enjoy bird watching. I can spend hours sitting in a windowsill watching bird TV. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • On Life in Florida 11 of 17
    My Hallmark card2

    Question: How do you like living in Florida? Are you afraid of alligators? 


    Daisy: Oh, I love living in Florida! There are so many amazing birds right outside my own window, and there is almost always a sunny window to bask in. In my old house, I saw alligators in the lake behind my house all the time. I'm not too afraid of them, on account of I am Not Allowed to go outside. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Favorite Treats 12 of 17

    Question: What is your favorite snack? 


    Daisy: My Mommeh likes me to eat only healthy treats, and I enjoy freeze-dried chicken breast, freeze-dried liver, and freeze-dried shrimp treats. I'm extra-lucky, because my Mommeh works for 1800PetMeds, so I often get to sample new treats (and try out new toys). I also love cheese! My favorite kind of cheese is string. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Favorite Fashion Item 13 of 17
    daisy fashion

    Question: You are quite the fashionable kitty. What is your all-time favorite outfit? 


    Daisy: Wow, that's a hard question because I have been lucky to model hundreds of different fashions of every sort. Except I do not know how to wear pants, and I do not enjoy anything on my feets. My favorite outfits usually have lots of ribbons and bows and sparkles and embellishments. Recently, I wore a beautiful purple suit with sequins and a floofy, full skirt that I quite enjoyed. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Accomplishments 14 of 17
    petties award

    Question: What is your favorite blogging moment or accomplishment? 


    Daisy: My Mommeh taught me how to ring a bell on cue. She says, "Daisy, ring!" and I do. Also, I learned how to "touch" so if I'm modeling with a prop she'll say "Daisy, touch!" and I know to put my paw on the object and look up. My Mommeh says that I am smart as a whip. And when I do good, she always says "Oh good girl, Daisy!" and pets me and gives me treats.


    Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I am very proud of the Petties award I won last year for Funniest Blog or Blogger. I had no idea that I am a little bit funny! 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Pet Photography 15 of 17
    daisy collage

    Question: Photo shoots are a lot of work. How many photos do you estimate that you take for a single blog post? 


    Daisy: Sometimes it seems like a squillion! Actually, I'd guess it's more like 20 photos for every one photo I post. Lots of them go into the trash bin! That's my advice for any cat looking to get into blogging; just take many, many, many photos and you're sure to come up with a few good ones.


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Fun with Blogging 16 of 17
    butterfly world1

    Question: If you were interviewing yourself, what else would you ask, and what is the answer?


    Daisy: I would ask: Do you enjoy blogging? And I would say yes! It's a great way to spend time with your mom or dad, and get lots of extra attention focused on you. The most important thing is to have fun, and never do anything that isn't enjoyable. 


    Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

  • Thanks For Sharing 17 of 17
    Sleepy Daisy1

    I think I wore Daisy out! Thanks for reading her interview, and be sure to check Daisy out at Daisy the Curly Cat and on her Facebook page!


     Photo Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat

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