Animal-Themed Jack-o’-Lanterns

Have you carved your jack-o’-lantern yet? If you love animals, here is your chance to get creative!

Cats, of course, are always popular animals to carve, but you can do other animals as well. I was delighted to find a corgi carved pumpkin! Below are 18 jack-o’-lanterns with an animal theme. Take a look and see if anything inspires you!

  • Animal Carved Pumpkins 1 of 20
    Animal Theme Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Cat in a Tree Pumpkin 2 of 20

    This is one of my favorites. I love how the light looks behind the silhouette.

    Photo Credit: VirtKitty

  • Sitting Cat 3 of 20

    Carving a cat such as this is relatively easy.

    Photo Credit: Chris Corwin

  • Scaredy Cat 4 of 20

    The scaredy cat jack-o'-lantern is another fairly easy design.

    Photo Credit: Brendan Riley

  • Corgi Pumpkin 5 of 20

    Lord Tankson shows off his perfect corgi carved pumpkin! I love this!

    Photo Credit: Lord Tankson

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  • Chihuahua Jack-o’-Lantern 6 of 20

    Here is a cute jack-o'-lantern with a chihuahua dog theme. 

    Photo Credit: Out.of.Focus

  • Spooky Cat 7 of 20

    This is a bit more of a complex design, but it's still easily obtainable. It looks impressive!

    Photo Credit: Rick Marshall

  • Shiba Inu Jack-o’-Lantern 8 of 20

    Here is a Shiba Inu-themed pumpkin. I like how the design is simple, but the breed of the dog shows through.

    Photo Credit: Taro the Shiba Inu

  • Cat Jack-o’-Lantern 9 of 20

    This is a complex design, but it looks stunning!

    Photo Credit: David Smith

  • Cheshire Cat 10 of 20

    This pumpkin is one big grin. 

    Photo Credit: George Coller

  • Horse Jack-o’-Lantern 11 of 20

    For the horse lovers!

    Photo Credit: Aldon Hynes

  • Happy Cat 12 of 20

    Just a simple happy cat!

    Photo Credit: PJ Morse

  • Hello Kitty Jack-o’-Lantern 13 of 20

    I adore Hello Kitty, so I had to include this one!

    Photo Credit: Spencer Wright

  • Cat Carved Pumpkin 14 of 20

    I love this cat with a witch's hat.

    Photo Credit: Claire P.

  • Cat Pumpkin 15 of 20

    Another cat and witch hat design that is fun and whimsical. 

    Photo Credit: Tobias Vemmenby

  • Bird Jack-o’-Lantern 16 of 20

    This simple design is for the birds!

    Photo Credit: Rebecca Siegel

  • Cat Pumpkin Carving 17 of 20

    This is another very simple cat design.

    Photo Credit: Tomasz Stasiuk

  • Pumpkins and Kittens 18 of 20

    These kittens helped carve a lovely pumpkin!

    Photo Credit: Jennifer C.

  • Cat Carving 19 of 20

    Another kitty cat jack-o'-lantern for Halloween.

    Photo Credit: Double Feature

  • Corgi Halloween 20 of 20

    I just wanted to end with a corgi to say Happy Halloween!!!!

    Photo Credit: Aine

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