Animals Are Great Mommies Too: 10 Best Mothers in the Animal Kingdom

Ah I love Mother’s Day because who deserves a day more that is all about pampering, celebrating and showing your love them our moms? The most amazingly difficult job in the world and that doesn’t just apply to us humans.

There are some moms in the animal kingdom who deserve some kudos on Mother’s Day as well — some of them are totally hardcore and it makes what we do seem so much easier. Some die during childbirth, some nurse their babe until they are 7 years old and some eat their own arm because they can’t hunt while protecting their eggs. We have it so much easier.

Click through to see the top 10 best mothers in the animal kingdom:

  • Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog 1 of 10
    Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog
    The mom lays eggs for her new tadpoles to eat. The eggs are infertile, but the work for her is not easy as she feeds her babes.
    Source: National Geographic

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Wolf Spider 2 of 10
    Wolf Spider
    The mom carries her eggs on her back in a sack and her unborn babes stay with her where ever she goes. She has to walk on a strained angle so she doesn't drag them on the ground.
    Source: Wolf

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Alligator 3 of 10
    Talk about resourceful, the alligator mom finds the perfect vegetation to set her eggs, keeping them at the perfect temperature. Once born, she carries them around in her jaw to protect them.
    Source: Bing

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Elephant 4 of 10
    If you think our pregnancies are long and uncomfortable, be thankful you're not an elephant. They are pregnant for 22 months, birth a baby that is over 200 pounds and then they nurse their calf until they are 4-5 years old.
    Source: African Wildlife Foundation

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Orangutan 5 of 10
    Orangutan moms are very attentive moms. They give birth only once every 8 years but when they are raising their child, they are nearly always carrying them. They also nurse their babe until they are 6-7 years old. Kudos mom!
    Source: National Geographic

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Octopus 6 of 10
    Octopus moms are very meticulous about caring for their babes. She watches over her eggs and blows oxygen at them to keep them clean. She forgoes finding food for herself so she doesn't leave her eggs open to harm. No worries, if she get's really hungry they have been known to eat their own arms.
    Source: How Stuff Works

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Polar Bear 7 of 10
    Polar Bear
    Polar Bear moms are one of the most protective mothers. Typically giving birth in the winter (and usually to twins) the mom will build a den to hibernate, going without food until her babes are old enough to walk further from home.
    Source: National Geographic

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Koala 8 of 10
    Koala moms are also big fans of baby-wearing. When first born, they carry their babe in her pouch for the first 6 months. After that, she continues to carry her babe on her belly for up to the first year.
    Source: National Geographic

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Chicken 9 of 10
    A mom chicken will turn her egg up to 50 times each day to ensure the embryo doesn't stick to the shell. She has also been known to talk with her babes before they even hatch.
    Source: E-how

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons
  • Sea Louse 10 of 10
    Sea Louse
    The ultimate in motherhood sacrifice, the sea louse splits in half when her babes are born. She dies (& it sounds painfully) when she gives life.
    Source: Life's Little Mysteries

    Photo credit: WikiMedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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