Apparently, Cats Need Suits of Armor

People like to laugh and act like I am being silly when I say the animals are plotting against us.  Well, once again, I am here with proof.  The animals now have armor.  I haven’t found any proof of WMDs, so we don’t need to invade any countries or anything, but clearly something is brewing.

There has been horse armor forever.  I think this is where the cats got the idea (I think the cats are masterminding the whole thing).  Horses wore their armor so they would be protected when we forced them to help us fight against other people.  Nobody is riding a cat or a mouse into battle now, are they?  Exactly.

Artist Jeff de Boer has created armor for the cats and mice.  He has also created a ton of other super cool artwork (totally go check it out).  You all see it, right?  Jeff is using his other work as a cover for his subversive animal activities.  I can only assume the animals are blackmailing him.

Anyway, click through to see the animal armor and appreciate the amazing craftsmanship (try to ignore the underlying threat).

  • image-3113 1 of 11
    Laugh at me now, but when all the pets in your neighborhood come walking down the street wearing armor, it won't be so funny.
  • Horse Armor 2 of 11
    Horse Armor
    I can't imagine the horses loved wearing this. But, I guess they liked it better than getting stabbed and cut.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Alkali Soaps
  • Dog Armour 3 of 11
    Dog Armour
    This suit seems more for show than for actual battle. Plus, I think that tail part is going to start to chaff after a bit.

    Photo Credit - Puppies and Flowers
  • Persian Cat Helmet 4 of 11
    Persian Cat Helmet
    Since the Persian Cat just gets a helmet, I assume he's like the guy in charge, keeping away from the real fighting. More of a supervisor.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • Samurat 5 of 11
    Samurat!!! Now that is just quality humor right there!

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • Mouse Armour 6 of 11
    Mouse Armour
    I'm sure there is nothing to worry about that these mice are running dress rehearsals.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • Cat Princesss 7 of 11
    Cat Princesss
    The princess will be ready to lead her troops.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • Siamese Samurai 8 of 11
    Siamese Samurai
    It's no Samurat, but still very regal.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • Tournament Cat 9 of 11
    Tournament Cat
    This appears to be the armour for the regular troops, the grunts, if you will.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • White Knight Cat 10 of 11
    White Knight Cat
    Hands-free weapons, all the best suits of armor have them.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer
  • White Knight Mouse 11 of 11
    White Knight Mouse
    I guess if there was bat armor then they could have a Dark Knight.

    Photo Credit - Jeff de Boer

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