Apparently Raccoon Pool Parties Look Just Like Kid Pool Parties (Video)

Raccoon Pool Parties Look Just Like Kid Pool Parties - BabbleWho knew that a raccoon pool party would look so much like a kid pool party? Here are some raccoons from Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Boulder, Colorado enjoying their last pool party of the season.

It’s all about seeing how many raccoons/kids you can jam in there. And of course one of the raccoons/kids has got a hold of the hose, and all the other raccoons/kids are like “NO DON’T SPRAY ME KEEP IT UNDER THE WATER!”

Seriously, the only things missing here are a couple cases of freeze-pops, and you’d have any backyard pool in mu neighborhood.

Greenwood Wildlife rehabilitates sick, injured, and orphaned animals for release back into appropriate habitats. According to Greenwood Wildlife’s Facebook page, these raccoons are about four months old, and will be released back into the wild in another month or so.

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