“Arrested Development” Characters and Their Dog Counterparts

Last Sunday the new season 4 of Arrested Development hit Netflix, the full season. If you were like many other people, you glued yourself to your couch and watch all 15 episodes.

I have been a big fan of the show since it came on air and own all three seasons on DVD and still love to watch them. The humor is just so what I am about — I love the funny ways they throw back to a previous episode, the quirk of never actually seeing the “coming up next” scenes happen and the family is just too fun to watch.

I am still on the fence about how I felt on the 4th season. If you’ve not yet watched it, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but do go watch. If you’ve not seen the show before, I recommend watching the first three seasons so you can understand more of the brilliance of the show that you’ll need for context of the 4th season.

I hope they make more seasons because I just need to know what’s happening with my loved Bluth family, but in case they don’t, maybe they’ll consider a different avenue…. like an all-dog’s cast? I have rounded up the perfect breeds to play each character in case they ever do make such a movie.

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  • Micheal 2 of 10

     Micheal is the responsible on in the family and although he puts up with a lot of stuff from the family, he can always be counted on to do the right thing... even when he doesn't want to. The dog breed that I see playing Micheal is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 

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  • Tobias 3 of 10

     Tobias is my favorite character in Arrested Development because you never really know what he's going to do or say next. He's known for his inappropriate sayings and the perfect dog to play his part is the Pekingese. It's a little odd looking, yet completely harmless and sweet. 

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  • Gangy 4 of 10

     She comes from high-class and likes expensive things. She speaks her mind and is always dressed to the nine, even when in jail. The perfect dog to play the part of Gangy is the Yorkshire Terrier because they always seem to look so put together and have a fun attitude. 

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  • Buster 5 of 10

     Oh Buster, the youngest of the Bluth kids and just so helpless. He's always in some sort of strange trouble and never leaves his mom's side. The perfect dog breed to play Buster would be the Brussels Griffon. It's an affectionate breed they just look so similar.

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  • George 6 of 10

     The head dude in the family, George is always getting into trouble. He ran a successful company until the law got in the way and through it all, he's so fun and sweet. The perfect breed to be cast to play George would be the Clumber Spaniel. Beyond the fact that have that "what did I do" look in their eyes, and according to Dog Breed Info, they too don't respond well to authority or harsh discipline. 

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  • George Micheal 7 of 10

     The son of Micheal, we've watched George Micheal grow up before our eyes. He's a little shy, a unique and adorable look and so innocent I almost can't stand it. The perfect breed to play George Micheal would be a  mixed breed -- a King Charles English Toy Spaniel, because I mean, just look at them!

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  • Lindsay 8 of 10

    She's a non-royal princess who has never really worked hard and loves to live with lots of things and money. She's known for being superficial when it comes to looks and there's no better dog to play her than the also-royal Bichon Frise.

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  • Maeby 9 of 10

     She's the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias and always seems to be left out. She's always trying to get the attention of her parents, even if it means potentially getting in trouble. She never seems to succeed and always looks bored. The perfect dog breed to play Maeby would be the English Toy Spaniel, especially this bored one in the photo. 

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  • GOB 10 of 10

    He is not really responsible and likes to flaunt how much his suit is worth. He makes a lot of mistakes, but loves his illusions (well, they're magic tricks). The perfect dog to play GOB would be the Bull Terrier (and look, this one loves magic too).  According to DogBreedInfo, they're clownish behavior makes them the perfect fit for GOB. 

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