ASPCA Holiday Gifts For Dogs, Cats, and Pet Lovers Everywhere!

Holiday shopping can be grueling, but picking out gifts for our pets should be fun. And we should also remember that every purchase we make has the potential to either help or hurt animals. Most of us know that puppies sold in pet stores are products of puppy mills, so by buying a puppy, we can unknowingly and indirectly be supporting puppy mill cruelty.

However, we must also remember that when we patronize any store that sells puppies, even if we are buying a bone or a chew toy, we are helping fund puppy mills as well. (This ASPCA video explains it all.)

It goes without saying that a puppy is a lifelong commitment, not a holiday gift, and puppies and dogs should not be purchased as such. If your family has discussed getting a dog or a cat and are ready, willing, and able to open your home to a pet, please go to your local shelter and adopt.

Are you already a pet owner? Well, if you’re looking for mindful gifts for the pet or pet lover in your life, check out these ASPCA holiday gifts which will help fund the restoration and support of dogs and cats. And if you’d like to make your own gifts, the ASPCA offers a few DIY gifts ideas as well. You can rest assured that each purchase towards the ASPCA helps our furry friends it’s a win-win situation!

Check it all out here!

  • Zales Diamond Pendants 1 of 12
    ASPCA Zales

    Any pet lover will be thrilled by one of these beautiful diamond pendants from the ASPCA® Tender Voices collection by Zales. From paw prints and breed pendants to cat, dog, and horse pendants (many in heart shapes), these stunning pendants are guaranteed to please. Prices vary.

    See the whole collection here! The one featured above is $79.99

  • Always In My Heart 2 of 12
    ASPCA diamond pendant

    These pendants are truly spectacular. Here is another, but be sure to take a peek at the full collection. It includes chihuahuas, dachshunds, kitties, and many more!

    Purchase the one above for $126.65


  • DJ Cat Scratching Post 3 of 12
    ASCPA cat gift

    Does your kitty have music in their bones? Think about buying this crazy-cute DJ scratching post, complete with a mock turntable and stickers that say, "Run Dog" and "I love tuna." This is one toy that is guaranteed to provide a giggle! 

    Purchase it for your musical kitty for $39.99


  • A Stocking For Your Pup 4 of 12
    Dog Stocking Toy ASPCA

    This stocking includes a rubber ball and squeaky ball, green plush bone, gingerbread man, tug-o'-war rope toy, and much more! 

    Get your stocking for $8.99!

  • Cat Fling-ama-String 5 of 12
    Fling_Ama_String cat ASPCA

    This string-flinging machine can be hung on any door knob in your home. The cord jumps back and forth automatically and runs on batteries. Think of it as a kitty conveyor belt!

    Purchase the Fling-ama-String for $29.99!


  • Walker’s Shortbread Chocolate Cookies 6 of 12
    Dog gifts ASPCA

    Walkers raised over $25,000 to donate to the ASPCA in 2012, and they plan to end 2013 by donating $50,000, so pet lovers can feel great every time they pick up a Walkers' product. A percentage of each product purchased will be donated to ASPCA.

    If  you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, pick up some shortbread chocolate cookies here for $4.19.


  • 5-Piece Dog Gift Set 7 of 12
    ASPCA dog toy

    This set contains a squeeze toy, ball, disc, plush toy and rope bone. Proceeds from each purchase go towards ASPCA rescue efforts.

    These doggie gift sets work for birthdays, too! And they're available for only $5.99

  • Symbolic Puppy Socialization Class 8 of 12
    Symbolic_Puppy_Socialization ASPCA

    Looking to give back for the holidays? The ASPCA offers symbolic gifts. When you donate, you can help foster important classes and programs, such as puppy socialization classes $25), animal grooming ($20), and therapy dog kit ($60).

    Find these and other great symbolic gifts here!

  • Symbolic Transport of Animal Rescued from Cruelty or Disaster 9 of 12
    Symbolic_Transport_of_Animal_Rescues ASPCA

    This gift helps keep the ASPCA going in their work as they rescue animals from abuse and fight for the welfare of animals everyday.

    Help fund the work to restore abused animals.

  • Cat Play Balls, $1.99 10 of 12
    ASPCA cat gift

    They look like ping pong balls, but your cats will be in for a surprise! With one swift, flip of their paw, they'll hear that each one is filled with very tiny balls inside that shake, rattle, and roll. It's a cat's play paradise!

    Get your own for $1.99 complete with the ASPCA logo.

  • DIY Cat Gift 11 of 12
    DIY cat toy

    If you like to make your own gifts, try this DIY kitty toy, made exclusively this year by the ASPCA's animal behaviorists. Just rip off a piece of aluminum foil, put cat food or cat nip in it, and crumble it up into a ball. Also serves as a fun batting toy for hours of kitty entertainment.


  • DIY Dog Gift 12 of 12
    DIY dog ASPCA

    To make a tasty homemade chew toy for your pup, soak a rope toy in chicken broth and then freeze. Then, give the toy to your dog for hours of savory chewing.


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