Babble Readers Introduce Us To Their Adorable Pets

There is no doubt that having a pet can make life more fun. There are some of us who love our pets like children and they add something special to our lives we can’t imagine not having. I know my two cats, Puppy and Ming-Ming bring so much to my life. Yes, some days they drive me absolutely crazy and break things, but I have had them for more than half my life! I don’t even want to think about the day where they won’t be a constant part of my day.

We asked some members of the Babble team, Babble readers and some friends of mine if they wanted to share the furry members of their household and why they are so awesome and the photos are so cute! The stories are worth a read too — they range from pets who support through loss and pain and stories of pets who are too funny to be real.

Click though to meet 23 adorable pets from Babble Readers and why they make their life better:

  • Sadie 1 of 23
    "My miniature daschund named Sadie who is my constant companion. I have a chronic illness, and when I had to really slow down - so hard for a busy mom of four! - and started spending a lot more time sitting on the couch or in bed, I was getting really depressed. I got Sadie to keep me company and she has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. She's always happy to snuggle and doesn't mind if we don't do too much, and she's really affectionate and full of puppy wiggles and wags. She cheers me up, keeps me company, makes me smile and she loves to play with the kids. Everyone knows pets are great for kids but they can also do wonders for adults too!"- Maranda
    Photo credit: courtesy of Maranda
  • Lolly 2 of 23
    "This is Lolly, the best therapist my seriously mentally ill youngest son has ever had." - Adrienne
    Photo credit: courtesy of Adrienne
  • Bella 3 of 23
    "Bella, our 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, makes my life better by being an incredible stress reliever anytime I pet her or lay with her, and can boost my mood in an instant when I see her go from 0 to 60 in a few seconds flat, full of energy and ready for endless frisbee tosses and agility fun. She is sweet and loving and loyal with my entire family, and feels like our last dog reincarnated. And to think people told us to have her put down when she was a puppy....she was worth all the trouble and training, is now a Canine Good Citizen and a blessing to us all." - Katie
    Photo credit: courtesy of Katie
  • Bernice and Auggie 4 of 23
    Bernice and Auggie
    "So this is Bernice (left) and Auggie, my two blind cats. Bernice has hydrocephalus and is missing one eye. Auggie is without both eyes. As for what they bring to my life? A sense of calm in the busiest of times, peace when my brain churns, pride of the greatest degree, and most of all, proof that we can all rise above significant adversity and live full and happy lives." - Elizabeth
    Photo credit: courtesy of Elizabeth
  • Zoey 5 of 23
    "Seeing the unconditional love these two have for each other makes everyday that much more complete... That's Zoey - we found her as a stray 5 years ago. She used to escape our yard when we were at work, and be waiting for us on the front step when we got home. Somehow I think she adopted us, instead of us adopting her. One of o's favorite things to say is "oey" an then he looks for her. Watching them together makes me melt!" - Aliesha
    Photo credit: courtesy of Aliesha
  • Bailey 6 of 23
    "His name is Bailey and we call him Dr Furry Feelgood cuz when I'm sick he stays with me. When I had a hysterectomy he never left my side and never once climbed on my stomach." - Pamela
    Photo credit: courtesy of Pamela
  • Dixie & Pixie 7 of 23
    Dixie & Pixie
    "These two cats are the best animals in the world. I swear they understand everything we have say and they have the best personalities! They break down our bedroom door when the alarm rings in the morning, walk us to the front door on the way out to work and greet us when we come home. We always know where they are and more often or not they are sitting on one of our laps every chance they get. They don't care where the litter box is, what type of litter is in it, what type of food they get fed or even what toys they have (although Dixie prefers pink toys specifically and Pixie prefers toys with feathers). They never wake us up, whine, beg for food, or really anything that I hear so many people (even lovingly) complain about." - Kristen
    Photo credit: courtesy of Kristen
  • Briggs 8 of 23
    "Here's a pic of my dog, Briggs, a chocolate lab who is about the sweetest, well-intentioned dog you could ever imagine. if you can get past the leg humping and dirty-diaper eating, that is. turns out my mom was right. it really isn't such a great idea to kiss a dog on the mouth." - John
    Photo credit: courtesy of John
  • Wink 9 of 23
    "Wink is the most handsome one eyed, half eared, thumbed kitty in the world. He and my husband, they're in deep man love." - Casey
    Photo credit: courtesy of Casey
  • Marley 10 of 23
    "Here's a photo of my dog Marley. I never wanted a German Shepherd, because I thought they were scary, but my husband convinced me and now I'd never own another breed. Marley is so gentle and incredibly well-behaved - people are always complimenting her." - Lauren
    Photo credit: courtesy of Lauren
  • Toki 11 of 23
    "This is my cat Toki (pronounced Tock-ee). My daughter named him after a cheetah featured in a show on PBS' Nature. He's my sidekick and usually sleeps in my office (with one eye open to keep track of me) most of the day while I'm working. I adore this cat. We still crack up about his Charlie Chaplin mustache." - Katherine
    Photo credit: courtesy of Katherine
  • Lily 12 of 23
    "Lily is beautiful. She came to us at the age of 2 when the same cat rescuer who brought us Cloe found her. She has had damage to her left eye which is brown while her right is green. She has a significant head twitch but is total love." - Danielle
    Photo credit: courtesy of Danielle
  • Roommates! 13 of 23
    "They are great roommates because they don't leave dishes in the sink! And they are always happy no matter what mood I'm in." - Amy
    Photo credit: courtesy of Amy
  • Strider 14 of 23
    "I found this tiny puppy, whimpering and scared, at a local animal shelter. The shelter was closing for the night, but I promised him I'd be back for him the next day... and I was." - Michael
    Photo credit: courtesy of Micheal
  • Klaus & Sid 15 of 23
    Klaus & Sid
    "This is Klaus and Sid. They were my first twins. I love them even though they are loud, have bad attitudes and scratch up my furniture, sort of like my human twins." - Sarah
    Photo credit: courtesy of Sarah
  • Ginny 16 of 23
    "This is Ginny... which is short for Virginia. We rescued her near the town of Virginia City in Nevada. But she arrived at our home with a big surprise... she was pregnant with 6 puppies, many of whom were given to our good good friends and neighbors." - Laura
    Photo credit: courtesy of Laura
  • Coco 17 of 23
    "This is my sweet Labradoodle Coco. She's taught me that my love is stronger than my gag reflex (I'm currently potty training my toddler. Enough said.)" - Mary
    Photo credit: courtesy of Mary
  • Nicki 18 of 23
    "We love Nicki because she only sits in the salad spinner when it's salad-free. And because she is super adorable and stripy!" - Marinka
    Photo credit: courtesy of Marinka
  • Darla 19 of 23
    "We rescued Darla from a kill shelter in Tennessee when she was 10 weeks old, and it's been an ongoing love affair ever since! She's our "baby" before babies, and gets along GREAT with our nieces and nephews. Can't wait to introduce her to our own baby!" - Aela
    Photo credit: courtesy of Aela
  • Irish 20 of 23
    "This is my girl Irish. She's cool as a cucumber and the only other female in my clan. :)" - Roni
    Photo credit: courtesy of Roni
  • Winston 21 of 23
    "I always joke that Winston is my "first born". Six years ago, I bought my beloved Boston Terrier because I knew the breed was a good choice for children -- and I was right! My daughter, Gretchen, and her pup are BFFs and I love to see them snuggled up together. So much love!" - Desiree
    Photo credit: courtesy of Desiree
  • Nelly 22 of 23
    "This is my kitty-cat Nelly, I adopted her 10 years ago on a whim. Best decision ever. She likes afternoon sunbeams, belly rolls, cat-nip frolics and snuggling with her stuffed bunny." - Kathy
    Photo credit: courtesy of Kathy
  • Lemmy 23 of 23
    "This is Lemmy (the Pomeranian) and Locke (the Labrador). Lemmy's namesake (from the band Motorhead) perfectly depicts his personality: take-no-prisoners, a bit on the crazy side, and totally Rock n' Roll. Locke on the other hand is the archetypal perfect family dog. Sweet, obedient, loving. So of course they're BFFs. What was that thing they said about opposites attracting?" - Tracey
    Photo credit: courtesy of Tracey

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