Baby Squirrels Orphaned in Colorado Flood

When Mother Nature delivers disaster, people utilize learned skills and technology to save themselves and their pets. But who saves our planet’s wildlife? Wildlife typically rely on their keen senses for survival. They anticipate the storm, fire, and flood before it arrives, and they move to safety. Unfortunately, the September flooding in Colorado wreaked havoc on certain members of the animal kingdom. Autumn is one of two yearly birthing seasons for squirrels, and while full-sized squirrels escaped to safety, their tender young were left to perish in the contaminated and rushing water.

Facilities like Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Lyons, Colorado are dedicated to rehabilitating sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife for re-release back into their appropriate habitat. Jenny Bryant, the Volunteer Outreach Manager, said, “We also strive to educate the public on humane human/wildlife interaction.” Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is the largest of its kind in Colorado. They provide shelter, food, and services for everything from song birds and small mammals up to coyote-sized animals. After 31 years in operation, they have many success stories, one of which was a dray of four-week-old baby squirrels (called kits) found in the aftermath of the flood.


Watch this video of the rescued squirrel enjoying a meal of milk from a syringe. 

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The staff have taken in the orphaned squirrels and are currently nursing them until they are old enough for release. Jenny said, “We have many protocols in place to ensure the animals don’t habituate to humans.” The center is appreciative of the volunteer help that it receives. The staff was in awe of the generosity of people, some of whom had been displaced from their own homes. Jenny said, “There were people who had lost their homes and vehicles in the flood that were arriving in rental cars to help.” She continued, “It has been an honor to realize the caliber of people that we have helping here.”


More Pictures of Adorable Orphaned Squirrels 

  • Click through to meet the rescued baby squirrels. 1 of 9
    PicMonkey Collage
  • Baby Fox Squirrels taking a nap. 2 of 9

    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)

  • Tiny squirrel at feeding time. 3 of 9

    Jenny said, "We named our animals during their stay at Greenwood. This guy's name is Cheschire."


    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)

  • Abert’s Squirrel finding comfort. 4 of 9

    Jenny said of this specific squirrel breed, "Just one type of squirrel we saw this season; we don't get a lot of these guys."

    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)

  • Milk, it does a body good. 5 of 9

    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)

  • Sweet dreams, Leena. 6 of 9
    Leena squirrel_thumbsuck

    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)

  • Tiny baby Pine Squirrel. 7 of 9

    (Photo by Molly Tobin)

  • How to swaddle a baby Fox Squirrel. 8 of 9
    Squirrel - email-large

    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)

  • Noah and Moses, after the flood. 9 of 9

    For more pictures and information about rescued wildlife, follow Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on Facebook!


    (Photo by Jenny Bryant)


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