Baby Steals Big Dog's Treat, Lives to Tell About it (Video)

Baby Steals Big Dog's Treat, Lives to Tell About itBrano the German Shepherd wins for most patient, most well-trained dog ever!  Wait until you see this video!  Baby Ava snatches his doggy treat right out of his mouth – and won’t give it back.  Brano gently tries to take it back, but won’t touch Ava or be rough with her.   He doesn’t even bark!  Even when “dad” comes to Brano’s aid, Ava is having no parts of giving back the treat!  The whole thing is too cute and funny!

Besides Brano’s unbelievable self-restraint, what  also impressed me was that Ava did not immediately put the dog biscuit in her own mouth.  Babies that age will pretty much put anything in their mouths.  Of course it also shows that even though she’s a baby, Ava is pretty smart and perhaps a little mean.  She doesn’t really want the biscuit, but no one else can have it.

Oh yeah, as usual, I have to throw my two cents in as a mother…don’t try this at home!  No one should ever try to take food out of an animal’s mouth.  In this case, Ava’s dad obviously knew Brano was not a threat, but the mother in me kept flinching every time Ava’s fingers got too close to Brano’s mouth.  That was your unsolicited advice for the day.  Now you can go back and enjoy the video again.

Featured Image – YouTube Video

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