Bark the Herald Angels Sing

The holidays are galloping quickly toward us, and what better way to celebrate than torture humiliate dress up dogs as angels?

I’ve found the cutest pups dressed as angels with wings both big and small, and of course some lovely halos.

Whether you are celebrating this time of year or not, you will love these little cuties.

  • Sleeping Angel 1 of 15
    Sleeping Angel
    I just want to scoop that little cutie up and give it a cuddle until it makes those little "mph mph mph" noises puppies make.

    Image Credit: Pink Loves Blue Cute.
  • Aging Angel 2 of 15
    Aging Angel
    How is it possible that this dog looks so dignified while wearing a costume?

    Image Credit: Dogster.
  • Droopy Angel 3 of 15
    Droopy Angel
    Do de do de do.

    Well, that's what I think he's saying.

    Image Credit: Squidoo.
  • Benji Angle 4 of 15
    Benji Angle
    And I just totally dated myself by calling that dog a Benji-type dog. Two points if you know what I'm talking about.

    Image Credit: Animal Mix.
  • I Can Haz Angel Treat Now? 5 of 15
    I Can Haz Angel Treat Now?
    This little cutie is definitely looking at a treat out of the frame.

    Image Credit: Style Hive.
  • Shepherd Angel 6 of 15
    Shepherd Angel
    This angel dog will be doing some angel herding. Obviously.

    Image Credit: Leisure Arts Blog.
  • What’d I do? 7 of 15
    What'd I do?
    This poor Boston Terrier. He thinks he's being punished.

    Image Credit: Halloween Costume 4U.
  • Belly Angel 8 of 15
    Belly Angel
    Rub my belly? Rub my belly? Please to rub my belly?

    Image Credit: Etsy/TreeHouseKid.
  • IT’S SO FLUFFY! 9 of 15
    Lily is ADORABLE. She also looks puzzled.

    Image Credit: Julia Anderson.
  • THROW THE BALL 10 of 15

    Image Credit: MacMunsun2009.
  • Cranky Angel 11 of 15
    Cranky Angel
    My teeth may be small. But they can still bite. You just WAIT until I get this costume off. Your ankles will never be the same.

    Image Credit: Itchmo.
  • Whatever. 12 of 15
    Fine. I'm an angel. I don't care. It's all so pointless.

    Image Credit: FlickrHiveMind/doguedebordeaux.
  • Napping Angel 13 of 15
    Napping Angel
    It's okay. I'll just take a little nap until these wings come off. I don't mind.

    Image Credit: Tri-102.5.
  • Happy Angel 14 of 15
    Happy Angel
    I'm an angel? How cool is that! I love angels. What do I do now?

    Image Credit: Dogging Blogging.
  • Pretty Angel 15 of 15
    Pretty Angel
    Oh, yes. I am the prettiest angel EVER. See how cute I am? Watch me pose.

    Image Credit: Baxterboo.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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