Being ‘Bishop’: How One Dog Sees The Dog Park (VIDEO)

What do I see?

It’s really remarkable how much technology has allowed for so many more little pieces of great art in our time.

Today, I bring you a video made by a dog named ‘Bishop’ from Nashville, TN. Bishop’s owner strapped a small but mighty HD HERO camera on his buddy one afternoon and set him loose in the wild west world of the local dog park. And the results are pretty incredible.(And no…this isn’t an ad for anyone, but I do think this video is so artful and sweet that I figured I’d give them a free plug .)

As a dude who loves dogs, I often wonder about how and what they see from their lower level in life. Humans tower above them and so do a lot of other dogs, so what is it like, I wonder, when they’re approached by something big and burly or some tiny ball of fluff?

What does it look like through their eyes?

With the camera hooked to his body (his neck? head?) Bishop makes one hell of a documentary director as he gets down and dirty in the trenches with a bunch of other park dogs. And the humans who did the editing weren’t bad either.I love how they are all able to catch a bit of the fear, the surprise, the excitement, and the joy of what a dog experiences in just a minute or so of spinning around and meeting new faces at every turn.

So, watch this thing and enjoy it for what it is…an insightful and beautiful dog’s eye view of the world.


Video: YouTube/GoProCamera

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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