Best Buds: Cool Pictures of Cats and Dogs Together

Hon, are you sitting on the remote again?

Some people consider themselves ‘dog people’.

Others say they are ‘cat people’.

But, I don’t think that most dogs or cats care much about what us ‘human beans’ think. (Yes, they call us ‘human beans’.)

Because as you’ll see in a moment/if you don’t already know: cats and dogs have been loving on each other since we started trying to convince them to give our caves a try, since we’ve been trying to convince them to live with us. Sure, they have their moments, there is no denying that. But I think a lot of that has to do with their own particular species need to act tough and protective in front of their owner.

Maybe I’m dead wrong (I usually am), but sometimes it seems to me as if the whole dog chasing cats thing is just an inside joke they play on us. It’s like it’s just a little pageant they put on to entertain themselves; a pageant that convinces us, for whatever crazy reason, that all is well if the one is chasing the other.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

And I’ll raise that bet.

Because a picture with a cat and a dog, hanging together/ being buds, is actually worth two or three thousand, at least.


  • Friendship 1 of 21
    Friendship can come fast. Or it can come on slow. With dogs and cats, there may be a period of getting used to each other. But, most of the time things settle down.
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  • Just One Look 2 of 21
    Just One Look
    Animals can convey so much with a look or a glance or a glare. They look deep into the eyes of another animal and they pretty much know right away if they can be buds or not.
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  • The Uncertainty Blues 3 of 21
    The Uncertainty Blues
    At first, the older one may feel a bit unsure, as if maybe you have traded in your love for them to love another. That feeling doesn't last too long, though.
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  • Before Long 4 of 21
    Before Long
    When dogs and cats finally find their groove together, look out! Sharing hearts know no bounds!
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  • Inseperable 5 of 21
    Good buds might even find themselves attached at the hip, so to speak. Friendship can do that.
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  • We’re Down Here 6 of 21
    We're Down Here
    Meeting another critter your own size can be a big relief when you live amongst giants.
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  • Let’s Wrastle! 7 of 21
    Let's Wrastle!
    Sometimes the dog/cat bond can even spill over into play time. Watching two worlds collide in an old fashion wrestling match is really a sight to behold.
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  • The Mutual Trust Society 8 of 21
    The Mutual Trust Society
    Obviously, for four-legged friends to really take things to the next level, they need to really trust each other.
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  • A Little Privacy Please! 9 of 21
    A Little Privacy Please!
    Things can even progress to where cats and dogs hang out in their own private places. Be careful if you bust in on them! They might act like teenagers in their bedrooms...
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  • Are We Doin’ This? 10 of 21
    Are We Doin' This?
    Of course, some dogs and cats might mistrust their own guts sometimes. They aren't so sure about hanging out together. It's understandable, but it often passes.
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  • Who’s The Boss? 11 of 21
    Who's The Boss?
    Never assume that the little guy isn't king. Especially, if you're the big dog in town.
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  • The Simple Things 12 of 21
    The Simple Things
    New friendship needn't be complicated. There are times when just a simple butt-sniff is all it takes to say, "Yep! She's okay!"
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  • Goosed! 13 of 21
    Of course, butt-sniffin' is a two-way street!
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  • Don’t Worry, I Got Your Back 14 of 21
    Don't Worry, I Got Your Back
    When a cat and a dog are pals, they breath a little easier knowing the other one is not a threat at all. (Special thanks to Cecily Kellogg for this photo of her long lost dynamic duo, cat Anniebo and dog Hammer aka Bubba. Hard to ever forget two great ones like this!)
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  • The Young And The Rested 15 of 21
    The Young And The Rested
    If they are both introduced as a puppy and a kitten, it's hard to imagine they won't be friends forever.
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  • You’re My Pillow When I’m Weary 16 of 21
    You're My Pillow When I'm Weary
    Dogs and cats are naturally plush. Who can blame them for taking advantage of that?
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  • And You’re My King Bed When I Sleep 17 of 21
    And You're My King Bed When I Sleep
    Once again, when it comes to pillows, it takes one to know one.
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  • Don’t Be Sad 18 of 21
    Don't Be Sad
    There is no doubt that animal's spirits are greatly lifted when they have a partner-in-crime to help see them through their days.
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  • Two Of A Kind 19 of 21
    Two Of A Kind
    Despite their differences, dogs and cats are really a lot more similar than we even realize at first glance. They love to lay around in the sunshine.
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  • Lets Go Outside!!! 20 of 21
    Lets Go Outside!!!
    When there is a chance of going outside, they both use their most persuasive faces.
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  • Hold Me, Darling… 21 of 21
    Hold Me, Darling...
    And when they are just in need of a simple four-legged hug, they know exactly who to count on.
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