18 Best Costumes from the Halloween Dog Parade in NYC’s Thompkins Square Park

18 Best Costumes from the Halloween Dog Parade in Thompkins Square ParkNew York just seems like the best place ever to live, doesn’t it?

This past weekend New York was home to the 22nd Annual Thompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. Hundreds of dogs dressed up for this fun occasion and brought out their human friends to celebrate Halloween.

This is always a fun event to check out (I’ve never been, but the pictures area always awesome) and this year was no different. We saw dogs of all sizes dressed up as everything from pop stars, political figures, popular books and some of the more traditional Halloween characters like skeletons, pirates and martians.

Click through to see 18 of the best costumes from this year’s Halloween Dog Parade:

  • 50 Shades 1 of 18
    50 Shades
    This cute dog tackles the very popular book.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Justin Bieber 2 of 18
    Justin Bieber
    Aw, and he looks just like him with his hair and purple shirt.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Race Dog 3 of 18
    Race Dog
    Such a cute idea of a dog dressed up as a horse with a rider.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Frog 4 of 18
    Big eyes and green all around this guy looks just like a frog.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Hot Dog 5 of 18
    Hot Dog
    Hehe, a dog dressed as a hot dog. Fun.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Pirate Puppy! 6 of 18
    Pirate Puppy!
    This pup takes on the classical pirate for Halloween.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Prince Charming 7 of 18
    Prince Charming
    He's dressed up as Prince Charming with his gorgeous princess carrying him around.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Bane from Batman 8 of 18
    Bane from Batman
    If you loved the newest Batman movie, you will think this costume is pretty cool.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • It’s Elvis! 9 of 18
    It's Elvis!
    Elvis is always invited to the Halloween party!
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Firefighter 10 of 18
    Classic NYC firefighter -- a hero for sure.
    Photo credit: petsadviser/Flickr
  • Pile of Leaves 11 of 18
    Pile of Leaves
    What a cleaver idea for a costume. Not sure I've ever seen this done before.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Lobster & Lemon 12 of 18
    Lobster & Lemon
    Because you can't have lobster without a lemon wedge.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Groom 13 of 18
    A dapper dog in his tuxeedo.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Mutt Romney 14 of 18
    Mutt Romney
    Heh, a cleaver play on words.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Airplane 15 of 18
    A red plane with a pilot riding on top.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Taxi 16 of 18
    It's not New York without the yellow taxi cab.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Tourist Bus 17 of 18
    Tourist Bus
    This one is for sure my favorite. What a cute and fun idea!
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr
  • Mrs. Piggy 18 of 18
    Mrs. Piggy
    A dog dressed as a pig who dresses like a woman.
    Photo credit: bettyx1138/Flickr

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