Best Dog & Cat Costumes and Wigs – Evah!

Best Dog & Cat Costumes and Wigs - Evah!You are going to be thanking me and sending me presents when you see how awesome this web site is.  That’s how good it is.  At you can buy the coolest wigs and costumes for your cats and dogs.  But wait!  There’s more!  Every part of this web site is entertaining with lots to look at and plenty of fun and entertaining commentary and information.

And, if all this fun wasn’t enough, these guys at give giant love to those of you who foster and adopt rescue pets.  They will even photograph your rescue pet for you!  How perfect we should find them now, during National Adopt- A-Shelter-Dog Month.

Click through the photo gallery to see some of my favorite costumes and comments.

  • Carrot Top 1 of 10
    Carrot Top
    Jitters the cat was apparently not thrilled to be dressed as Carrot Top, but I think he's working it.
  • Fancy Cat 2 of 10
    Fancy Cat
    Hopefully the folks at didn't get too many scratches getting this photo.
  • Sophisticated Cat 3 of 10
    Sophisticated Cat
    Gray hair is the new "it" color among today's starlets.
  • Wigged Out 4 of 10
    Wigged Out
    You would need a lot of mousse and hair dye without this awesome wig.
  • Prep School Pup 5 of 10
    Prep School Pup
    Bet this pup is dressed better than your kid too.
  • Katy Perry 6 of 10
    Katy Perry
    Hard to say who pulls off the blue hair better.
  • Gaga for this one 7 of 10
    Gaga for this one
    Lady G looks like she has a paw ready to poke you back.
  • Talk Show Hostess 8 of 10
    Talk Show Hostess
    I wonder if the have an Ozzy costume to go with Sharon?
  • Punk Dog 9 of 10
    Punk Dog
    Wonder if you can buy fake eyebrow or nose pierced earrings.
  • Cat Keeper 10 of 10
    Cat Keeper
    Look at the little stuffed cats shes has! Cute!

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