Beware of the Sleeping Chihuahua (Video)

Beware of the Sleeping Chihuahua (Video)My dog Hayley is the sweetest little thing. She likes to snuggle with us on the couch and be held and cradled like a baby. She makes the most adorable little poses in her bed.

She enjoys warm blanket and a pillow at night. But in the morning, well. It’s a totally different story. Snug in her snoozy slumber, this cute and cuddly pup will turn into something that resembles a gremlin … AFTER it gets wet.

Even at night, we’ll occasionally have issues when I try to get her to go out for the last potty trip of the night. I can understand the reluctance to emerge from a warm bed and blankie, but I also know she has to relieve herself so it’s basically inevitable. That’s when she will growl and nip at any hand that goes near her. Some days she’ll even start growling when I say, “C’mon Hayley, let’s go out.”

So when I saw this cute (and angry) chihuahua react to her owner’s request, I instantly thought of Hayley. Could it be a chihuahua thing? Does your dog do the same?

Watch the very funny video below and you’ll see exactly what I mean:

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