Big Dogs Give Good Hugs (Photos)

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Doesn’t this face just make you wanna give him a hug?

I’ll admit it. I’m a big dog snob. I adore big dogs. They are human-like in so many ways. So it’s no surprise that many big dogs make ideal pets for families with young children.

I’ve grown up having big dogs and have a black lab now, not the biggest by any stretch, but she sure make sup for that in the hugs department. She hugs like a person, with two paws and her head on your shoulder. It is one of the cutest things she does.

On my dream doggie list, lives a St. Bernard and a Great Dane. You can imagine the hugs there!

If you adore big dogs or doggie hugs, or just simply like looking at hideously cute photos, click through these pics of big dogs hugging their owners (and sometimes vice versa):

  • Unconditional love 1 of 7
    Unconditional love
    .... is when you giving up breathing to make your pup happy.
    Image: Imgur
  • Rain, rain go away…. 2 of 7
    Rain, rain go away....
    This owner comforts her dog because she's scared of the thunderstorm outside.
    Image: Imgur
  • “I just had a bad day….” 3 of 7
    "I just had a bad day...."
    "The cat got away and then I waited ALL DAY for you to come home..."
    Image: A Place To Love Dogs
  • BFFs 4 of 7
    Sometimes being the hugger is just as rewarding as being the huggee!
    Image: Imgur
  • Jump for my love… 5 of 7
    Jump for my love...
    See, you can do a standing hug with a big, sloppy pup!
    Image: Flickr bigdogmom74
  • I am THIS excited… 6 of 7
    I am THIS excited...
    to have you back!
    Image: A Place To Love Dogs
  • That face…. 7 of 7
    That face....
    is just waiting for a big hug.
    Image: Imgur

Image: Imgur


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