Bizarre or True Love? 11 Pictures of Pets in Strollers

I think I can safely say that most of you reading have a love for pets to some degree. Some of you declare yourselves a “cat person” other’s would consider themselves a “dog person”. Some of you like birds or mice or lizards and others like the more creepy-type pets like snakes and spiders.

I think that we can all say that we love pets though and really do love our own. Do you ever wonder if you can love pets too much, so that it’s kind of bizarre? I’m not talking about anything super creepy or illegal, but I personally, have a hard time understanding those who are deeply connected to their pets and see them as an extension of themselves or like one of their children.

It’s totally normal to see a baby or even an older kid taking a stroll with their parents in a stroller on a warm day. It’s not all that normal, for me — to see pets riding around in very similar strollers. Seems a little strange if there are no physical ailments that keep a dog or cat or otherwise from walking on a leash like we normally see, but who knows — maybe it’s bizarre or maybe it’s just true love.

Check out these pictures of all kinds of pets getting a walk in a stroller:

  • Pets in Strollers 1 of 12
    pets in stroller

    I don't know about this trend, but some people have their mind made up. What are your thoughts?

  • Spoiled Rotten 2 of 12

    This photo was sent by our lovely blog coordinator Corinne who took this picture at the Dachshund Fest in Washington Square Park. Apparently it's also a thing on Upper East Side of New York.

    Photo credit: Corinne

  • Unimpressed Cat 3 of 12

    I don't know who this stroll will be for because the cat doesn't look too impressed.

    Photo credit:  brownpau | Flickr Attribution

  • Spotted 4 of 12

    So, I have a feeling the person who took this picture thinks it's a little weird to walk a dog in a stroller.

    Photo credit:  anarchivist | Flickr AttributionShare Alike

  • Can We Go? 5 of 12

    He certainly seems like he's waiting to get going. I bet they can get places faster by putting him in the stroller, but that's not a whole lot of exercise.

    Photo credit:  psyberartist | Flickr Attribution

  • No, Just NO! 6 of 12

    This dog is humiliated. Between the stroller, the toy bear and the blanket -- it's no wonder.

    Photo credit: Hendricks Photos | Flickr AttributionNo Derivative Works

  • Sightseeing, No Big Deal 7 of 12

    He's taking in the sights in his traditional-kid stroller, complete with toys. 

    Photo credit:  scubadive67 | Flickr Attribution

  • Three For One 8 of 12

    Three friends going for a happy stroll  ... and they certainly do look happy.

    Photo credit:  sneakerdog | Flickr Attribution

  • Pretty in Pink 9 of 12

    I'm surprised -- it's a cat who kind of looks okay with being in a stroller. She does look cute though.

    Photo credit:  jimmiehomeschoolmom | Flickr Attribution

  • Fun in the Sun 10 of 12

    Well, doesn't he look happy to be chilling out letting his human do all the work while he takes in the sun?

    Photo credit:  jpctalbot | Flickr Attribution

  • There’s a Bunny In There! 11 of 12

    I don't get it -- I really don't, but he looks pretty happy about it.

    Photo credit:  carifrique | Flickr Attribution

  • Going Shopping With Bunny 12 of 12

    I mean, who goes shopping without their rabbit friend? Not this person, not at all.

    Photo credit:  shredded77 | Flickr Attribution


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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