Bubbles and Dogs: A Love Story

My last dog, Bubba, was CRAZY about bubbles. He’d get hyper focused as soon as he saw the bottle of bubbles, and then he would jump and leap and chase them until he was exhausted and his mouth looked like he had rabies. Oh, how I miss that dog!

Our new four legged family member just doesn’t care about the bubbles, alas. But I’ve found a whole bunch of other bubble-crazy mutts! Here they are in their bubble glory.

  • Bubba 1 of 14
    This was my dog, Hammer aka Bubba The Dog. He was CRAZY about bubbles. Nothing like seeing a massive, 100 pound pit bull mix launch himself into the air to catch a teeny soap bubble! I miss him fiercely.
  • Phoebe 2 of 14
    This beautiful cocker spaniel is an obstacle course dog, and bubbles are her reward for a job well done!

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  • French Bulldog 3 of 14
    French Bulldog
    This little dog is using those strong back legs to get some bubble action!

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  • Kumbark Yidi 4 of 14
    Kumbark Yidi
    This border collie does competitive sheep herding, but when it's time to wind down? It's all about the bubbles.

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  • Ruby 5 of 14
    Ruby is another border collie that finds bubbles fun! Wonder if it's common in the breed?

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  • Frankie 6 of 14
    Frankie here is a fire house dog like so many dalmatians before him, and he just loves chasing bubbles!

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  • Hannah 7 of 14
    Hannah's owner says she chasing bubbles coming out of her bubble machine until the batteries wear out! It's like a doggy treadmill.

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  • Husky Puppy 8 of 14
    Husky Puppy
    Fluffy dog! And bubbles! I die.

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  • Jack Russell 9 of 14
    Jack Russell
    OMG, is this an amazing capture or what? You can see this cutie's teeth just beginning to dent the bubble. POP!

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  • Stella 10 of 14
    Stellaaaaa! STEELLLLLAAAA! Get the bubbles.

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  • Schnauzer 11 of 14
    "I don't want to actually chase it, but maybe if I stick my tongue out like this it will just, you know, LAND there."

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  • LEAP 12 of 14
    "I'm gonna get it this time, I'm a gonna, I'm a gonna get it."

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  • Abby 13 of 14
    This beautiful dog is getting super pampered at her doggy day care. Bubbles FTW!

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  • Martha 14 of 14
    Martha's a westie, so she's a bit low to the ground. Clearly, she knows the bubbles will come to HER.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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