Bunnies & Baby Chicks As Pets or Photos This Easter? Why You Should Think Again

As with any live animal that you bring into your home, buying a bunny or baby chick during the Easter season is decision that needs to be well thought out. Caring for a pet is a long undertaking that requires dedication. Now is the time of year when parents might make a spur of the moment decision and pick up a rabbit or baby chick as a pet without fully considering the long-term ramifications that come with it.

Here are 10 things to consider first:

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  • Long Commitment 2 of 11
    Long Commitment
    Bunnies live 10+ years.
  • Photo Opps 3 of 11
    Photo Opps
    Many photographers purchase several rabbits and chicks for photos and then let them loose to live on their own, rendering them defenseless.
  • After Easter 4 of 11
    After Easter
    Most Easter babies are cast off into the wild shortly after Easter, to die of exposure, starvation or predation.
  • Poor Outcome 5 of 11
    Poor Outcome
    If you get a bunny and then realize you just cannot keep the pet, keep in mind that many shelters are full and will place you on a waiting list.
  • Give Them Away 6 of 11
    Give Them Away
    Of the bunnies who are sent to shelters, most will spend nearly a year or more searching for a steady home.
  • They Mature 7 of 11
    They Mature
    Cute baby bunnies and chicks grow into large and curious hens and rabbits.
  • Dedicated Training 8 of 11
    Dedicated Training
    Think a bunny are easier than a puppy? You will still have to bunny proof your home, litter train, and provide entertainment, social interaction and proper nutrition.
  • Allergy 9 of 11
    If your child is allergic to cats or dogs, he may also be allergic to rabbits. Even if he has experienced no signs of being allergic to anything, he (or you or your spouse) may still be allergic to a bunny.
  • Stuffed Is Better 10 of 11
    Stuffed Is Better
    Take photos with stuffed animal bunnies and don't support photographers who use live animals (unless you know their story of how the animals got there and are one hundred percent sure they are legitimate).
  • Cleanliness 11 of 11
    Rabbits are not the cleanest pets. Are you (or your child) still going to want to clean the bunny litter in the fall and winter, long after Easter has come and gone.

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