Bursting Your Bubble: Corgis Get Sad, and It Is Heartbreaking

Yes, Even Corgis Have Bad Days via I am having a big case of the “Monday’s” today! The kids are all miserable, I have a mile-long to-do list that I don’t even know where to start and it’s hot as all heck over here (making me sweat when I move). I don’t like days like this, where no matter what I do, things just seem to have a bad vibe in the air.

There are some people in the world who obviously have it harder than I do — and there are some who are chronically happy. In the dog world I would say the same thing happens. If you look at pugs with their sweet squished faces, they always just seem sad. Their big, watery eyes looking up — you can’t help but feel a bit sad on their behalf. Corgis are the opposite — always like ridiculously happy no matter what they are doing, they seem to just smile.

Turns out, even corgis can have a bad day or two — or even a sad fleeting minute. It doesn’t happen very often and there aren’t a lot of pictures as proof, but I did find a few proving that even corigs are immune to a bit of the sads.

Click through to see 8 sweet corgis who are having a bad day:

  • Scared 1 of 8
    "I don't want you to go. But, I will be all alone... I don't want to be alone."
    Image hosted on Imgur
  • Gimme 2 of 8
    "Can I have a treat? Please? Why not?"
    Image hosted on Imgur
  • Caught 3 of 8
    "No, we didn't do that. It wasn't us... um, I mean ... it was him."
    Image hosted on Imgur
  • Loud Noise 4 of 8
    Loud Noise
    "What was that? Did you hear it? What is happening? Why was it so loud?"
    Image hosted on Imgur
  • Over It 5 of 8
    Over It
    "All the drama around the TomKat divorce -- I am so over it"
    Photo credit: evocateur / Flickr
  • Lonely 6 of 8
    "I can't find my favorite blanket. I really miss it."
    Photo credit: Sindy Kids / Flickr
  • Movie 7 of 8
    "I really shouldn't have watched Toy Story 3 again. It always makes me cry."
    Photo credit: Sindy Kids / Flickr
  • Sleepy 8 of 8
    "I can't sleep with all these people around me. Can't they see I am so tired."
    Photo credit: Llima / Flickr

Photo credit: hosted on Imgur


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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