Cat Attacks World’s Most Patient Dog [Video]

catThere are some times during the week that I wonder if my cat Ariel is bored. I’ve always had two cats, but when my older ones passed away, we decided only to get one cat, for now.

Ariel is very playful and I don’t know if having another cat or pet around would help entertain her, but then I think about her personality. I don’t think she would meld well with another cat or dog since she loves all the attention and has a pretty dominant personality. I don’t think she’d get along with any other pet — it could happen with a brand new kitten, but that would take some time even. She just doesn’t have the patience.

Turns out, some pets do have the patience it takes to handle a spirited cat and this dog really takes the cake as far as patience for another pet sibling goes.

In this adorable video, uploaded by YouTube user Kevin G, we meet what appears to be the world’s most patient dog as his playful cat sibling attacks, jumps, and tries to play with him.

Photo credit: screenshot Kevin G /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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