Cat Breading: Hilarious Meme

I totally get cat breading. I used to put a piece of scotch tape on my cats head to watch her walk backwards until she could get her off. But these pictures are hilarious.

According to Know Your Meme, this one has been around for about nine months:

The original cat bread photo was posted to both Reddit[1] and Tumblr[3] on August 2nd, 2011, where it received over 51,000 notes in six months. It was reshared on humor blogs Tastefully Offensive[4] and Bits and Pieces[5] the same day.

Clearly I’m not breaking ground by sharing these, but still: HILARIOUS. Worth seeing again. Enjoy the slide show, and you’ll find some awesome videos below that.

  • Breaker Cat 1 of 7
    Breaker Cat
    Okay, this kitty is NOT thrilled to be breaded. Look at that face. Someone TOTALLY got scratched after this photo.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Lanbui
  • CCC (yes, that’s her name) 2 of 7
    CCC (yes, that's her name)
    Signs your cat is pissed off at you: ears back. Eyes narrowed. BREAD ON HEAD.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Pinguino
  • Hermes 3 of 7
    Hermes here looks like he's enjoying some nice artisan bread there. Enjoying is, well, pretty subjective.

    Image Credit: Breaded Cats
  • Moldy Pita? 4 of 7
    Moldy Pita?
    Surely this poor kitty deserves a FRESH pita. Seriously.

    Image Credit: Flickr/SteveLyon
  • Mr. Smokey 5 of 7
    Mr. Smokey
    Even bloggers are getting in on this meme. Here, Cynthia of Nap Warden dresses up Mr. Smokey in bread.

    Image Credit: Napwarden
  • Tabby Kitty 6 of 7
    Tabby Kitty
    This kitty seems to actually be cool with the bread, like it's thinking, "I look quite jaunty!"

    Image Credit: Cats In Bread
  • Binary in breaded profile 7 of 7
    Binary in breaded profile
    This kitty is absolutely filing this one away. "Bad enough that they named me binary," says the kitty. "Just wait until this bread is off my head."

    Image Credit: Flickr/Pinguio

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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