Cat Café May Be The Smartest Business Plan Ever

cat cafeIt’s certainly no surprise that I love cats. I have two in my home and have since I was about 16 years old (I won’t tell you how long ago that was). I’ve said before that I find watching cats to be a form of therapy for me — it’s a stress relief and I just feel calm watching them.

You know what else I find to be a good relief of stress? A nice hot cup of coffee in a quiet location, alone, like a quaint little cafe. A small escape from the chaos of kids and to do list that never ends at the house. I can get some quality work done thanks to their free wifi, and the ability to focus on just that task is a dream.

So, what happens when you combine my two big stress relievers? You get the super smart cat café, which are jumping up in popularity all over the world.

The most recent one that I’ve heard of is opening in less than 24 hours in London, England (the first one opened in 1998  in Taiwan and since they’ve become quite popular all over Japan), and it all started with a crowd-funding campaign raising more than their £108,000 (approximately $180,889 USD) goal. Cat Café’s differ from a regular café since there is a cover charge (usually small) that helps with the cost of housing, feeding, and keeping the cats healthy and happy. Once you pay, you’re able to enjoy your relaxing coffee with the company of cats, many cats and how does that not sound like the smartest business plan ever?

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Photo credit: Magnus Bråth | Flickr

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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