Cat in the Hat: The 17 Best Etsy Cat Hats

Oh, Etsy, you never-ending source of joy.

Today we bring you the very best of cats in hats on Etsy. Yes, you can actually purchase these hand-made items. And if you can get your pet to wear them, good on ya.

I wish I could get my cats to wear a hat. I would buy all 17 of these hats and pee myself laughing all day. But, sadly, my cats are unwilling to work the Etsy aesthetic. I asked my kids how they think these model cats tolerate these Etsy hats, and here’s what they said:

Cookie, age 11: “You have to start them out in hats when they’re kittens. You have to start from Day One.”

The Pork Lo Maniac, age 11: “Composure. Lots of it.” (Composure is a cat sedative we we gave our kitties to help them put up with a long car ride.)

The Peanut Butter Kid, age 8: “First, you have to train it to stay, which would be really hard. Next you have to get the hat that you want it to wear, and let the cat sniff it to see what it thinks. You don’t want to surprise them and say, like, ‘Here’s a hat!’ They don’t like that.”

Little Dude, age 6: “I have no idea.”

Me neither, Little Dude. Me neither.

Take a look for yourself at these amazingly patient cats (and their adorable hats):

  • Little Devil 1 of 16
    Little Devil
    For the evil cat in your life.

    (Photo Credit: Pampered Whiskers, Etsy)
  • Belle of the Ball 2 of 16
    Belle of the Ball
    Attached wiglet for the win.

    (Photo Credit: To Scarborough Fair, Etsy)
  • Bear Cat 3 of 16
    Bear Cat
    Epicly cute bear hat for kitties. I love the ears!

    (Photo Credit: Monarch Dancer, Etsy)
  • At the risk of being obvious… 4 of 16
    At the risk of being obvious...
    What cat doesn't need a Cat in the Hat hat?

    (Photo Credit: Sarabi Rose, Etsy)
  • Little Kitty on the Prairie 5 of 16
    Little Kitty on the Prairie
    This crocheted floral number reminds me of something Half Pint would wear. So sweet!

    (Photo Credit: Scooter Knits, Etsy)
  • For the elegant cat 6 of 16
    For the elegant cat
    When your cat really needs to be dressed up.

    (Photo Credit: Lena Pavia, Etsy)
  • For the Shriner cat 7 of 16
    For the Shriner cat
    Please tell me this kitty gets to be in the little car in the parade.

    (Photo Credit: Sarabi Rose, Etsy)
  • Rawr. 8 of 16
    For the fiercest cats, a green crocheted dinosaur hat.

    (Photo Credit: Scooter Knits, Etsy)
  • Hollywood Hustler 9 of 16
    Hollywood Hustler
    If you have the kind of cat who smacks you on the butt when you walk by.

    (Photo Credit: Pampered Whiskers, Etsy)
  • Mohawk Kitty 10 of 16
    Mohawk Kitty
    This is the bomb. That is all.

    (Photo Credit: bitchknits, Etsy)
  • Monkey Hat 11 of 16
    Monkey Hat
    For the cat that's always swinging from the rafters.

    (Photo Credit: Nestanest, Etsy)
  • Phillies Cat! 12 of 16
    Phillies Cat!
    Not a fan of the fightin' Phils? This Etsy artist will custom-make a cat hat in your favorite team's colors.

    (Photo Credit: Sarabi Rose, Etsy)
  • Pom Pom Cat 13 of 16
    Pom Pom Cat
    If your cat is more of a ski bunny. Ideally, you should have a matching hat.

    (Photo Credit: bitchknits, Etsy)
  • Princess Beatrice Fascinator Hat 14 of 16
    Princess Beatrice Fascinator Hat
    Because your cat already thinks she's royalty. Might as well go with it.

    (Photo Credit: No So Kitty Shop, Etsy)
  • She wore a raspberry beret… 15 of 16
    She wore a raspberry beret...
    This cat loves Prince almost as much as I do. Almost.

    (Photo Credit: To Scarborough Fair, Etsy)
  • Witchy Kitty 16 of 16
    Witchy Kitty
    This witch-cat appears to have stunned herself.

    (Photo Credit: Scooter Knits, Etsy)

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