Cat Shaming: 12 Hilarious Pics of Bad Kitties

“Rumor has it Luke has a poop stuck to his butt. And he’s on your bed.”

That’s the first thing my 11-year-old daughter said to me yesterday morning. Luke is one of our two cats, and by far the more disgusting of the two. He has an ongoing battle with chin acne, and I have to wash his chin with antibacterial soap like four times a day. Otherwise, he gets not just blackheads but gross scabby spots. Delightful.

Obviously, because he’s a cat, he repays me for my diligence by sitting on my bed with a poop stuck to his butt. Thanks, Luke. (p.s. Disturbing fact: I never found the poop.)

This got me to wondering: there’s dog shaming, baby shaming, and mom shaming — so there must be cat shaming, right? Turns out, yes.

And the cool folks over at the Tumblr blog Cat Shaming gave me the okay to share some of their most shameful kitties with you here!  You can also follow Cat Shaming on Facebook and Twitter, because if the Internet isn’t specifically for getting photos of ashamed cats, I don’t know what it’s for.

Check out these 12 kitties who should be very, very ashamed (but don’t actually seem to care), below!


  • Cat Shaming: 12 Awesome Pics 1 of 13
    Cat Shaming: 12 Awesome Pics
    Click the arrows to scroll through!

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • I haz so many shames. 2 of 13
    I haz so many shames.
    This kitty has rather a laundry list of shames. You can tell he's concerned by the yawn/yowl he's giving the photographer.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Chicken Shame 3 of 13
    Chicken Shame
    This cat seems very alarmed to be caught. Also, props to the person who drew the chicken leg. Nice job.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Sink Shame 4 of 13
    Sink Shame
    That has got to be a terrible thing to wake up to.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Job Shame 5 of 13
    Job Shame
    I can only imagine someone screaming, "You're a cat! That's a mouse! DO YOUR JOB!"

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Munchies Shame 6 of 13
    Munchies Shame
    I had a cat that would get into the fridge every time you opened it. I also had a roommate that wasn't very observant, unfortunately.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Furniture Shredding Shame 7 of 13
    Furniture Shredding Shame
    Except this cat has NO SHAME because its name is "Mad-Eye." Therefore, this cat is just full of win.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • International Language of Shame 8 of 13
    International Language of Shame
    I think we all have a pretty good idea of what this says.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Shameful Shame 9 of 13
    Shameful Shame
    And you thought Victoria had a secret.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Jar o’ Shame 10 of 13
    Jar o' Shame
    No caption is provided for this one. I don't think it's needed, though, do you?

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Plant-Murdering Shame 11 of 13
    Plant-Murdering Shame
    It's a nice touch that this cat is actually chewing on the plant in the photo.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Annoying Sound Shame 12 of 13
    Annoying Sound Shame
    OHMYGAH my cat chews on plastic bags and it's the most annoying sound ever. But I bet listening to your cat lick the wall is a close second.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)
  • Carpet-Destroying Shame 13 of 13
    Carpet-Destroying Shame
    Maybe he just likes that new-carpet smell.

    (Photo Credit: Cat Shaming)

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