Cats Verses Printers Compilation Video

cat vs printersWe all know that cats are strange creatures. They know what they like and aren’t afraid to tell you if it’s not something they want you to be doing. They have their own favorite sleeping space, sleep under specific conditions and when it comes to entertainment, they’re picky there too.

We’ve all also heard that curiosity kills the cat — and with good reason. Cats, along with their other things that make them cats, are very curious and weary of nearly everything. They are very interesting and I never tire from watching on watch something.

Cats are just so much fun to watch, aren’t they? Turns out, they’re even more fun to watch when they’re watching something else. In this funny compilation video put together by YouTube user Compilariz, turns out watching cats watching printers is more entertaining than I thought.

Photo credit: screenshot Compilariz /YouTube


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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