Celeb-Status Accessories for Justin Bieber’s New Pet Hamster

Justin Bieber’s new pet, Pac the hamster.

I know. You can hardly stand the adorable excitement: Justin Bieber got himself a hamster to keep him company while on tour. Sadly, the critter is not named Biebster, but that’s what I’m calling it in my head. (It’s actually named Pac.)

It’s a pretty practical pet for a tour bus–no need to stop to take the hamster for walks; no super-stinky kitty litter to deal with. It’s also much more cost-conscious than the pet Justin’s mentor Usher just bought: a $12,000 goldendoodle. (In all fairness, that $12K went to charity, though.)

Justin had a pet boa constrictor named Johnson for a very, very short time (he won it in a charity auction, and then promptly donated it to another cause). It’s probably for the best that Johnson isn’t around at this point; Johnson would probably think Pac is adorable and delicious.

Below, we’ve got some suggestions for upscale hamster cages, as well as some fun hamster toys that might keep Pac happy while touring.

  • Hamster Palace 1 of 15
    Hamster Palace
    With six platforms, tubes, a built-in wheel, and a private penthouse suite, this pad has plenty of room for Pac to spread out.

    (Available on Amazon, $129.75)
  • Living Room Suite 2 of 15
    Living Room Suite
    What, do you want Pac to sit on the floor, or something? Obviously the celeb hamster needs some furniture.

    (Available on Amazon, $7.55)
  • Royal Hamster Carriage 3 of 15
    Royal Hamster Carriage
    Instead of skritching about in a plain old hamster ball, Pac can zoom around in his own little royal coach.

    (Available on Amazon, $17.95)
  • Pod Housing 4 of 15
    Pod Housing
    Plenty of places to go for Pac, even while he's stuck on the tour bus.

    (Available on Amazon, $149.75)
  • Circus Fun Hamster House 5 of 15
    Circus Fun Hamster House
    Every day is like a day at the circus.

    (Available on Amazon, $174.75)
  • Stadium Hamster Cage 6 of 15
    Stadium Hamster Cage
    If Justin's looking for something a little more masculine than a circus tent, he could give the stadium cage a try.

    (Available on Amazon, $149.75)
  • Or, maybe Pac’s a girl. 7 of 15
    Or, maybe Pac's a girl.
    On the other hand, for all I know, Pac is a girl hamster, and maybe Just in wants to treat his rodent like a princess.

    (Available on Amazon, $149.75)
  • Gaming System 8 of 15
    Gaming System
    What else is Pac supposed to do while he waits for the concert to be done?

    (Photo Credit:
  • The ‘Chelsea’ 9 of 15
    The 'Chelsea'
    This large, modern-style cage might be more Justin's style.

    (Available on Amazon,124.75)
  • Hamtrac 10 of 15
    This exercise ball and track combination would be wayyyy more fun if there was a second hamster for Pac to race against.

    (Available on Amazon, $13.32)
  • Eco-friendly knitted house. 11 of 15
    Eco-friendly knitted house.
    This eco-friendly knitted house would be a cozy addition to any well-appointed hamster cage.

    (Available on Etsy, $12.00)
  • Weight Set 12 of 15
    Weight Set
    Justin's pretty buff. He probably wants the hamster to look good, too.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • Pet Inn 13 of 15
    Pet Inn
    The Pet Inn Djerba Palace bills itself as "designed by Italian stylists." Also, "free slide included!" Whee!

    (Available on Amazon, $129.75)
  • Just in time for Halloween! 14 of 15
    Just in time for Halloween!
    Obviously, Pac needs a costume for Halloween!

    (Available on Etsy, $9.00)
  • Hamster Potty 15 of 15
    Hamster Potty
    So, apparently you can potty-train hamsters. Who knew? I thought they basically just pooped all over the cage, but it turns out they might poop in a tiny litter box. A teeny-tiny scooper is included, but someone to scoop it for you is not. Justin will just have to pay a roadie for that.

    (Available on Amazon, $6.59)

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

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