Color of Cat May Determine its Personality

Color of Cat May Determine its Personality
It doesn’t matter what color fur a cat has, a would-be adopter will go running the other way at the first sight of a striped hat and bow tie.

The color of a cat’s fur does not determine a cat’s personality or personality traits.  What the color of fur may actually determine is what people perceive as the cat’s personality!   

Researcher Mikel Delgado and her coauthors polled 189 people and asked them to give the traits they most associated with each color cat.  The researchers say the way different color cats are perceived my affect whether or not people adopt from shelters.  Shelter employees can be trained to make sure they share the good qualities of cats that might be perceived as undesirable.

Personally, I think that since the orange cats where considered friendly and desirable, shelter employees could save their  energy and just spray paint all the cats orange.  You don’t know, it could work.

  • Orange Cats 1 of 4
    Orange Cats
    Orange cats were considered friendly despite being connected to Garfield (a cartoon cat), who is a known to be lazy and a pain in the behind.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Gangster Car Driver
  • Tortoiseshell Cats 2 of 4
    Tortoiseshell Cats
    These cats were considered to be aloof and intolerant. People didn't say why they thought this or if a tortoiseshell cat had ever done anything to them. I'm feeling a little bad for the tortoiseshell cats.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Random McRandomhead
  • White Cats 3 of 4
    White Cats
    These cats were thought to be aloof, calm, and shy. I would have thought these cats would have been the ones to be called intolerant. Everyone knows white cats are the snooty ones.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Zimpenfish
  • Black Cats 4 of 4
    Black Cats
    Honestly, this study showed that people are biased against certain cat colors, but their prejudice doesn't even make sense! Black cats did not have any traits, good or bad, that stood out for people. Really? Black cats are the evil, scary ones in every movie ever.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Puuikibeach

Featured Image is the front cover of The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss.

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