Columbus Zoo Names Newborn Monkey Baby “Dr. Sheldon Cooper”

Sheldon Cooper Cover
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were like: “ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD! AND WE SHALL REJOICE!” Do you need one right now? Well get ready because here it comes.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium just named a newborn, adorable, teensy, tiny baby monkey Dr. Sheldon Cooper. That’s right. THAT IS HIS NAME. He is named for the “Big Bang Theory” character.

Is that not one of the best things ever? Kudos to you, Columbus Zoo – for being awesome.

Apparently (it being springtime and all) there are lots of new animal babies at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and here’s what they had to say about our little buddy:

The animal that kicked-off the baby boom is a male colobus monkey that was named “Dr. Sheldon Cooper” after the quirky character on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon was born to mother, Claire and father, Radi on March 3.
Colobus monkeys are born completely white and typically have the full adult coloration of black and white at the age of six months. At a little over a month old Sheldon’s coloring has already begun to change. 
Here’s another shot of Dr. Sheldon Cooper with his mama. He is so wonderful!
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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