Conked Out: Puppies Too Tired To Eat (Photos)

Conked Out: Puppies Too Tired To Eat (Photos) via Babble
Perfect fit

When our black lab , Django was a puppy, she would run around like a maniac and then in a split second conk out and fall fast asleep no matter where she was. Our vet, Dr. Montella calls it “energizer bunny syndrome”. He says puppies go full force in the energy department but when they run out, they collapse like a toy with dead batteries.

It’s a pretty cute phenomena, and if you’ve ever owned a puppy, you probably have some really adorable pictures of the crazy places they were found sleeping. Growing pups just can’t help themselves, but sometimes full grown dogs are fond of impromptu naps, too.

Sometimes, they even give out before they get a meal.

Check out these adorable photos of puppies and dogs just too doggone tired to eat!

  • I’ll Keep An Ear (or Two) Open… 1 of 18
    I'll Keep An Ear (or Two) Open...
    but I'll get to the actual eating after my snooze.
    Image: Flickr/ Frank Kloskowski
  • Chinrest 2 of 18
    Water bowl, check. Food bowl, check. Naptime, next!
    Image: Flickr/ Floater Ya-Ya
  • Great Hiding Place 3 of 18
    Great Hiding Place
    This keeps my kibbles safe.
    Image: Flickr/ BA'AB
  • Zzzz… 4 of 18
    I was sniffing around for more food, and then...zzzzz
    Image: Flickr/ Kids' Writer
  • Midnight Snack 5 of 18
    Midnight Snack
    When I wake up, it'll be right there!
    Image: Flickr/ linkerjpatrick
  • Good Fit 6 of 18
    Good Fit
    I like to stay close to my treats!
    Image: Flickr/ pearlsandribbons
  • Move Over Febreeze 7 of 18
    Move Over Febreeze
    Best bed scent ever!
    Image: Flickr/ maxweakley
  • My lovie 8 of 18
    My lovie
    Who needs a pillow?
    Image: Flickr/ Pat Groves
  • Sleepy Lab 9 of 18
    Sleepy Lab
    Mmmm...smells SO good!
  • My bowl 10 of 18
    My bowl
    Don't touch it!
    Image: Flickr/ <a href="
    Image: Flickr readmckay
  • Perfect Fit 11 of 18
    Perfect Fit
    Eat, snack, sleep, repeat.
    Image: Flickr/ CS Image
  • Huh? 12 of 18
    What do you mean this isn't my bed?
    Image: Twitter/ Emergency Puppy
  • Dibs 13 of 18
    Move over, sis, this is mine!
    Image: Flickr/ Rogue626
  • Our eyes are getting heavy… 14 of 18
    Our eyes are getting heavy...
    It's that tryptophan .
    Image: Flickr/ Karissa (Does Not Explain It All)
  • My Favorite Thing 15 of 18
    My Favorite Thing
    I woof my bowl.
    Image: Flickr/ dsigner_x
  • Exactly 16 of 18
    Plus, I can get my stretches in this way.
    Image: Flickr/ htowntex
  • Stretching It Out 17 of 18
    Stretching It Out
    When I wake up, I'll be ready for more.
    Image: Flickr/ readmckay
  • Face Flop 18 of 18
    Face Flop
    I must have dozed off...
    Image: Flickr/ stinky_harriet

Image: Flickr/

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