Cool Pets in Slick Shades: Fashion Statement or Eye Protection?

Sunglasses for pets? When I first saw some of these photos, I thought they were just a Paris Hilton-esque style statement. However, veterinarians actually recommend eye protection for certain dogs: those with eye problems, and those who are in environments that might damage the dog’s eyes.

The most prominent company that makes specialized eye protection for dogs is Doggles, which makes flexible, foam-cushioned frames with shatterproof lenses, and adjustable chin and head straps, so the things actually stay on the dog’s noggin. These are the sunglasses issued to U.S. military working dogs, to help prevent dust and dirt from flying into their eyes during missions.

Doggles are sold online and in stores like Petsmart.

Of course, sometimes the sunglasses look is just for fun!

  • Hooah. 1 of 15
    A U.S. military working dog in Afghanistan wears his Doggles, his assigned Personal Protective Equipment to protect his eyes, as a Chinook Helicopter takes off, kicking up dust and debris.

    (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Sgt. Jason Brace, 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Task Force Wolverine Public Affairs)
  • Because I hate it when bugs get in my eyes. 2 of 15
    Because I hate it when bugs get in my eyes.
    Whee! Dogs love the wind in their faces, but even really tiny debris in the air can damage their eyes.

    (Photo Credit: Vagabond Shutterbug, Flickr)
  • Doggles + Pig = Piggles 3 of 15
    Doggles + Pig = Piggles
    Proof that everyone looks good in sunglasses.

    (Photo Credit: crittersnaps)
  • You totally can’t see me. 4 of 15
    You totally can't see me.
    Um, I have no idea what the hell is going on here. If he's trying to spy on someone (maybe a produce distributor?), the giant bell on his collar is probably going to give him away.

    (Photo Credit:
  • ‘I don’t know, what are YOU wearing tomorrow?’ 5 of 15
    'I don't know, what are YOU wearing tomorrow?'
    Just people-watchin'.

    (Photo Credit: Malias, Flickr)
  • Oh. My. Gah. 6 of 15
    Oh. My. Gah.
    This is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    (Photo Credit:
  • This dog laughs at my minivan. 7 of 15
    This dog laughs at my minivan.
    It's important to blend in at the biker conventions.

    (Photo Credit: Tinou Bao, Flickr)
  • We’re from the government and we’re here to help you. 8 of 15
    We're from the government and we're here to help you.
    Just look here into the light.

    (Photo Credit:
  • Oh Rick Springfield, you’re so dreamy. Although furrier than I remember. 9 of 15
    Oh Rick Springfield, you're so dreamy. Although furrier than I remember.
    Shades are just one of the accessories sported by the dog on the cover of Rick Springfield's 1982 album.

    (Photo Credit: Rollan Budi, Flickr)
  • Beach babe. 10 of 15
    Beach babe.
    Is anyone else picturing this dog jogging slowly on the beach?

    (Photo Credit: L'Eau Bleue, Flickr)
  • This is real. 11 of 15
    This is real.
    This cat is so incredibly adorable, it's unreal. Except it's real.

    (Photo Credit: PBH2)
  • Life is good. 12 of 15
    Life is good.
    I'm guessing this golden just got done with a nice game of Frisbee golf and is ready for a cold one.

    (Photo Credit:
  • This does not look comfortable. 13 of 15
    This does not look comfortable.
    Cat is too cool to care.

    (Photo Credit: Bucket of Cats)
  • I’m so cool, I’m not weirded out by that cat snuggling a rat. 14 of 15
    I'm so cool, I'm not weirded out by that cat snuggling a rat.
    The sunglasses alone would have been enough, but this dog goes the extra mile to prove his coolness.

    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • So wrong. But so right. 15 of 15
    So wrong. But so right.
    Not so much eye protection, but still an excellent use of sunglasses.

    (Photo Credit: AlexandraTX, Flickr)

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