Coolest Pet Trick? Dog Plays Patty Cake Video

Coolest Pet Trick? Dog Plays Patty Cake VideoWhen we brought home our last puppy, Django, we wanted to teach her some really cool tricks. Our chihuahua, Hayley was a senior and would reluctantly sit and give paw but only when she felt like it. As a child, I had a big Rottweiler named Schatzie, and taught her to sit, lay down, and play dead. When I said ‘dead’ Schatzie would throw all 100 pounds of herself on the floor and spin over on her back with her big paws dangling in the air. Then I would give her a treat, and she would just as quickly jump up and grab it. It was the cutest/coolest trick I’ve ever taught a dog.

Now our Django will do some cool tricks. She will do the typical sit and give paw. She will lay down on command and jump up in the air for a treat. She will catch treats in her mouth and ‘speak’ when asked. But the coolest trick she knows is a high-five. I say high-five, and she will immediately raise a jolly paw to me. Is is unique? Not very. I’ve seen a bunch of dogs high-five their owners since teaching Django, but it is the coolest trick she does. I would like to teach her to play dead but so far it just hasn’t worked out.

I often wonder how owners teach their dogs unique tricks, and I marvel at what some of them get their dogs to do, and so willingly, too. Case in point: this adorable dog who plays patty-cake. Yes, plays throughout the whole song, too. And she doesn’t need a constant or continual command either. She just plays along slapping paw to hand while her owner sings.

Watch this amazing dog here:

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