Cup o' Cute: Pets in Teacups Are Possibly the Cutest Things I've Ever Seen, Ever

Yes. This is actually a real dog.

Although so-called “teacup breeds” have become more popular recently, there really is no such thing! In dogs, “teacup” refers to the size of the puppy, and usually means that it will be smaller than standard for a toy breed (most standard toy breeds are 4 to 7 pounds). Tiny dogs can have multiple health problems, says Barktopia, and owners who are interested in small breeds should do a lot of research before buying a teeny-tiny pup.

Some breeds, like Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, are just very small dogs by nature. They’re pretty much always going to fit into a teacup, at least as puppies. Larger breeds have to either be cross-bred with smaller breeds, or inbred (eek! — leads to all kinds of problems!) to produce smaller animals. Incredibly, people are currently trying to breed “teacup” labs and huskies.

Another major concern with these tiny pets is that the adorable-ness leads people to adopt pets without really thinking. Last fall, Huffington Post reported that animal shelters were finding themselves overrun with “handbag” and “teacup” dogs.

If you are looking for a tiny pup, start your adoption search with your local pet shelter. And remember, as you look at these adorable cups o’ cuteness, that each animal is a real animal, not a toy, and needs real love!

  • Cup o’ cute. 1 of 15
    Cup o' cute.
    Who doesn't like a nice warm cup o' cute in the morning?

    (Photo Credit: Cute Overload)
  • Calico Chamomile? 2 of 15
    Calico Chamomile?
    I think this tiny calico has had some Sleepytime tea.

    (Photo Credit: Kittenverse)
  • Yo quiero mas cafe. 3 of 15
    Yo quiero mas cafe.
    A 10-week-old chihuahua puppy.

    (Photo Credit: Precious Paws)
  • Oh, that’s what the cupholder is for. 4 of 15
    Oh, that's what the cupholder is for.
    This photo would only be better if it was a Taco Bell cup.

    (Photo Credit: Jokeroo)
  • Um, sort of… 5 of 15
    Um, sort of...
    Coffee to go!

    (Photo Credit: iruntheinternet)
  • One guinea pig, please. 6 of 15
    One guinea pig, please.
    Actually, make that to go.

    (Photo Credit: Guinea Pig Lovers)
  • Sloth-in-a-glass. 7 of 15

    (Photo Credit: Cute Overload)
  • Baby Squirrel looks frisky enough. 8 of 15
    Baby Squirrel looks frisky enough.
    Do not add coffee.

    (Photo Credit: Web Squirrel Lolz)
  • Tiny bunneh has stolen your tea. 9 of 15
    Tiny bunneh has stolen your tea.
    Also your heart.

    (Photo Credit: Geyser of Awesome)
  • Is that even real? 10 of 15
    Is that even real?
    OMG. It's actually real. It's a tiny Maltese puppy.

    (Photo Credit: Cute Overload)
  • This little piggy went to market. 11 of 15
    This little piggy went to market.
    And got herself some nice Oolong tea. "Teacup" pigs, also called micro pigs, are even smaller than miniature pigs.

    (Photo Credit: Nutrecare)
  • Not quite a teacup. 12 of 15
    Not quite a teacup.
    But close enough!

    (Photo Credit: Cats Do)
  • Two kittens, two cups. 13 of 15
    Two kittens, two cups.
    Make mine a double.

    (Photo Credit: CutenTiny)
  • Teacup Cat: You’re doing it wrong. 14 of 15
    Teacup Cat: You're doing it wrong.
    Nice try, mister.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)</i.
  • Tiny Yorkie 15 of 15
    Tiny Yorkie
    It looks like a Beanie Baby!

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)</i.

(Photo Credit: Cute Overload)

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