Cute Children Caught Napping With Their Pets!

Naptime. As a parent, nothing is better than seeing your child in a blissful state of sleep. The energy is still. The house is filled with the sweet sounds of silence. Sure, your living room looks like it was ravaged by a tornado of toys, but at least no one is begging for food or screaming, “MOM! HE TOOK MY TOY!” When the children are napping, you have the peace of mind that your babies are safe, well, and content. The best part of naptime is when you snag that quiet moment to finally finish your coffee, hear your own thoughts, or dig into that literary masterpiece that has been collecting dust on your nightstand. Naptime is really every parent’s favorite time of the day. Anyone who argues that fact is probably a liar.

Napping is always better when your precious treasure has something to cuddle. Blankies, stuffed animals, and binkies are all standard naptime must-haves. Every once in awhile, your carpet monkeys select something of a different variety for their sweet, sweet sleep. Sometimes that chosen nap buddy needs a nap themselves, and sometimes they need a flea bath, a rabies shot, and a collar with tags identifying their home. That’s right, your family pet makes a wonderful napping partner for your little cowpoke. The extra beauty in this is that EVERYONE in your house is now quiet and accounted for, and now you can finally use the bathroom. ALONE.

Naps Happen is a website dedicated to capturing moments of slumber in strange places and positions. All of the following photos were provided by Naps Happen, featuring snoozing children snuggled with their beloved furry friends. Show theses photos to your children and pets as inspiration for simultaneous napping, which will allow you time to watch an episode of “Breaking Bad”. Or maybe you can simply catch up on some much needed sleep yourself.

Happy napping!

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  • Forget the baby’s blanket, sometimes the baby IS the blanket! 1 of 17
  • Babies make good pillows, too. 2 of 17
  • No need to do CPR kitty, he’s just sleeping. 3 of 17
  • Snuggles are my favorite. 4 of 17
  • Jockeying for their favorite place on the couch. 5 of 17
  • Everyone’s favorite "spot" in front of the sunny window. 6 of 17
  • Fluffy kittys love cuddling. 7 of 17
  • Beagles are the best pillows. 8 of 17
  • Shhh! They’re sleeping! 9 of 17
  • Tutus, nose dives, dog beds, and a hearth stone= the perfect nap. 10 of 17
  • Exemplary sofa sharing! No masking tape needed! 11 of 17
  • Camouflaged snoozing. 12 of 17
  • Kittens are excellent head boards. 13 of 17
  • The perfect nap is soft and snuggly. 14 of 17
  • Kid on the floor, dog on the couch. Seems about right. 15 of 17
  • All of his favorite things. 16 of 17
  • Sweet dreams! 17 of 17


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