Cute Puppy vs Terrifying Popcorn [Video]

Cute Puppy vs Terrifying Popcorn [Video]There are a few things in this world I am afraid of. I don’t like fire, big dogs scare me and I am not fond of walking around at night alone.

I know many of us have phobias that other’s may not understand. It’s a part of life and sometimes it’s understood why the phobia is there and where it came from, and other times it just seems out of the blue.

Here is an example of that out of the blue phobia. Meet Jude, an adorable 3-month old beagle that appears to have a fear of something most wouldn’t. In this video, you can watch Jude sneak around and avoid a single popcorn kernel.

Weird, but oh so cute.

Photo credit: screenshot therecordbeat /YouTube
Source: YouTube / ICanHazCheeseburger

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