Cute Video Alert: Slow Loris Chomping On Rice Ball

Cute Video Alert: Slow Loris Chomping On Rice Ball via Babble
There is more to this video than just a cute wild animal.

Have you ever seen a slow loris? I admit I knew very little about these creatures until I happened upon this purely adorable video today.

The slow loris is a primate found in South and Southeast Asia, in countries such as Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines. They are relatives of the lemur and known for their round head and gorgeous, large eyes.

While researching about them just enough to watch this crazy cute video, I also learned that slow lorises are commonly bought as pets and since they have a toxic bite, their teeth are often pulled or cut out before they are sold. In over 90% of these cases, infection sets in and they die.

The slow loris in this video is said to have her teeth intact and was born in a Japanese pet store. Her name is Kinako.

It is nothing short of  horrifying to discover the evil things some people do to animals. Every single time, it infuriates and sickens me. While I had intended to post this as a feel good video, it is apparent now that awareness and regulations need to be tightened in these countries that allow this type of animal cruelty.

This video has gone viral on the Internet because, look at it, Kinako is beautiful. And just look at those eyes. This video is a lesson for me to dig a bit deeper into the plight of wild animals and not only get drawn into their cuteness because, like the slow loris, many are endangered and need our help, not admiration.

Image: YouTube


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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