Cutest Cat Trick Ever: Kitty Hug Its Owner (Video)

Cutest Cat Trick Ever: Hug Its Owner (Video) via Babble
Is this the best cat trick ever?

What tricks can your cat do?

Shortly after we adopted our tabby, Lily, my husband taught her to put her two front paws on his shoulder for a treat. He started by patting his shoulder and holding a cat treat above it. She picked up right away.

But she always needed the food reward and never did the trick on verbal command alone. And it wasn’t a hug; it was more of a walk. While entertaining, it in no way compared to a video I saw for the first time today of a cat hugging her owner on command.

Now I’ve seen adorable cat videos. Writing for Babble Pets allows me to view some of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, in fact. I’ve witnessed cats hugging their kittens, cats stretched out in a hug with a sleepy owner ad cats hugging puppies and dogs, but I’ve never seen a cat give a hug when told to do so. It’s a bit unique and a whole lot of cute.

Check out the video for yourself:.

What tricks have you taught your cat?

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