Dachshund Lovers: These Will Make You SO Happy!

Dachshund lovers, take note because I've found an obscenely cute item you're going to want.Whenever I buy gifts for dog lovers, I usually try to get them something related to their dog, or their favorite breed. My mother has a schnauzer mix named Sha Sha, so last Christmas, I found a near exact replica of a schnauzer with a Christmas hat on. It was a holiday statue, meant to be taken out and displayed, but only once a year. Those gifts are relatively easy to find. What’s harder is locating practical gifts that incorporate puppy love into them. Dachshund lovers, take note because this is one obscenely cute item you’re going to love.

Uncommon Goods is now selling a ‘wiener dog oil and vinegar set‘. Retailing for forty dollars, this glass set is ridiculously cute. These lil doxies have corked tails, and come complete with funnels so you can avoid big messes. Their black-tipped noses and tiny peg legs round out the doxie look. When talking practicality, the glass Dachshunds hold enough across their long bellies to make a few salads, or last through a dinner party.

If you are a salad lover and a dachshund lover, well , what more is there to say?

Image: Uncommon Goods

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