Dachshunds Run the United Nations: Things Just Got Real

You all know I have often mentioned that I think animals are covertly trying to take over the world (no really, go back and read my past posts, there’s lots of evidence).  Well now they’ve gone one step further.  The Dachshund UN at World Stage 2013 is an alternate version of the real United Nations Commission on Human Rights.  And by “alternate” version, I mean the delegates from every nation were replaced by dachshunds.

Supposedly, this isn’t really dachshunds trying to run the world (we’ll see), it’s apparently a performance art/audience response show where the audience decides what it really says about each country by what its doggie delegate is doing.  For instance, the United States dachshund was the most “vocal and aggressive, often barking loudly at his companions.” and Nigeria attempted to get intimate with Saudi Arabia.

“It’s a powerful, profound piece of work but it’s kooky on the surface,” said Tina Rasmussen, artistic director of Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage 2013 performances.  I’m going to go a little further and suggest it’s a little kooky towards the middle and the bottom as well.  To read more, go to “Woof! Dachshund ‘United Nations’ opens in Toronto.

Feature Image – Facebook Page for Dachshunds World Stage 2013

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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