Daily Dose of Cute: Baby Pandas Around the World

A baby panda was born at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., earlier this week, to the surprise of zookeepers.

The cub is the second born to giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian as the result of artificial insemination, reports the Associated Press. Since 2007, Mei Xiang has had five consecutive pseudopregnancies, meaning she ovulated without conceiving. After so many failed attempts, she had less than a 10 percent chance of being pregnant.

Staff couldn’t see the panda, because Mei had built a large nest, but they could hear the cub squawking.

“I’m cautiously optimistic as we haven’t seen the cub yet, but we know that Mei is a good mother,” Zoo Director Dennis Kelly said in a news release. “Like everyone else, I’m glued to the panda cam for my first glimpse of the cub!”

Since no photos have surfaced yet of the new baby panda, I went to famed giant panda photographer Jeroen Jacobs to ask if we could share some of his amazing photos with you, and he very kindly agreed! Mr. Jacobs has photographed giant pandas all over the world, collecting the images and information about panda conservation on his website, Giant Panda Zoo.

Check out some of Mr. Jacobs’ stunning photographs of adorable baby giant pandas, below!

  • Yay! 1 of 20
    The giant panda is listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union. Here, a baby panda is cuddled by a handler at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Bottle Time 2 of 20
    Bottle Time
    In the wild, a giant panda's diet is about 99 percent bamboo. In captivity, specially prepared food is often provided, especially to young pandas.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • I can haz more bamboo? 3 of 20
    I can haz more bamboo?
    There are only about 1,600 giant pandas in the wild, and about 320 in captivity.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Oh, hai. 4 of 20
    Oh, hai.
    An adult male giant panda can grow to be as much as 350 pounds.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • I’m special. 5 of 20
    I'm special.
    Each new panda is treated with utmost care.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • A long life ahead. 6 of 20
    A long life ahead.
    The giant panda lives up to 20 years in the wild, and up to 30 years in captivity.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • We see you! 7 of 20
    We see you!
    Visitors gather in front of a window to catch a glimpse of baby giant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Snuggles. 8 of 20
    Two baby giant pandas snuggle in their crib for warmth.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Fuzzy lil’ head. 9 of 20
    Fuzzy lil' head.
    A cub's fur is very soft, and coarsens as it gets older.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Pile o’ Pandas 10 of 20
    Pile o' Pandas
    The adult panda's thick, wooly coat keeps it warm in its natural cool habitat.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Itty-bitty panda feet 11 of 20
    Itty-bitty panda feet
    Panda paws have a "thumb" and five fingers. The "thumb" is actually a modified bone that helps the panda hold bamboo.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Mama 12 of 20
    A mother cuddles her baby. Male giant pandas do not participate in raising cubs.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Why the round face? 13 of 20
    Why the round face?
    Pandas have round faces because of their huge jaw muscles, needed for grinding fibrous plant material.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • It’s my ball. 14 of 20
    It's my ball.
    A baby giant panda plays with a ball at Zoo Madrid in Spain.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Mine. 15 of 20
    And I'm not sharing.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Panda Bottles… 16 of 20
    Panda Bottles...
    A handler at Zoo Madrid feeds a baby giant panda...

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • …and Panda Burps 17 of 20
    ...and Panda Burps
    ...and then burps the baby.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Whee! 18 of 20
    A baby giant panda tumbles at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Play Time 19 of 20
    Play Time
    Mothers play with their cubs by wrestling with them and rolling them. Here, a baby giant panda rolls toward its mother in a hammock at Zoo Atlanta.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,
  • Hugs. 20 of 20
    the mother panda catches the baby and hugs it close.

    (Photo Credit: copyright Jeroen Jacobs,

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