Different Together: The Animal Photos of Mark Taylor


You fascinate me.

For Mark Taylor, it all runs in the family.

Mark’s mother, Jane Burton, spent over half a century honing her skills as one of the leading nature photographers in Britain (and all over the world, for that matter) developing a unique studio-style in the process. Ms. Burton’s extraordinary shots of animals in a studio setting, in which she often managed to combine odd-pairings of critters not typically seen together, are the stuff of legend in animal-lover circles near and far.

She passed away in 2007 after a brave battle with cancer, but these days, her son, Mark, is continuing the very tradition his mother pioneered through the studio she started, Warren Photographic, with his own wildly clever take on things.

And they really are ‘must-see‘ images!

Aside from his high-ranking amongst landscape and natural pattern photographers, Mark Taylor’s photos of dogs and cats and chickens and badgers and a host of other animals paired-up, or even grouped-up, with each other are creating extremely high demand for his work.

These pictures are often referred to as cute, and it’s easy to see why upon first glance, but even beyond that, Mr. Taylor’s stuff seems to hint at something more to me; there is a kind of unspoken young magic in the softly-lit calm of various creatures and birds standing shoulder-to-shoulder, cheek-to-cheek, without any visible reservations or trepidations at all.

These pictures are enchanting, comical, and yes, cute. And in my mind, at least, they also play at a little something called peace.

And I find that to be very cool, indeed.

  • My Little Buddy 1 of 10
    My Little Buddy
    You can hang out here, just don't wake me up, okay?
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Are You My Mother? 2 of 10
    Are You My Mother?
    Listen, I'm not your mother. But, this could work!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • The Three Amigos 3 of 10
    The Three Amigos
    Hey, either of you guys seen the new Spider-Man flick yet?
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Hold Me! 4 of 10
    Hold Me!
    C'mon you're tickling me and want to look serious in these!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Scrunch In Guys! 5 of 10
    Scrunch In Guys!
    Calling 'Chicken', party of four! You're table is ready!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Mr Badger and Mr. Pup 6 of 10
    Mr Badger and Mr. Pup
    You've never read 'The Wind In The Willows'?!!! I'll loan you my copy!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Downward Dog 7 of 10
    Downward Dog
    Now, just relax, no one said this yoga stuff would be easy!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Sleigh Ride! 8 of 10
    Sleigh Ride!
    Look, there isn't any snow, so you just push me around and we'll be fine!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • You Complete Me 9 of 10
    You Complete Me
    I honestly don't know how I got along before you came into the picture!
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic
  • Act Naturally 10 of 10
    Act Naturally
    So, what are you doing after this? Wanna grab an espresso somewhere?
    Photo Credit: warrenphotographic

All images courtesy of Mark Taylor/Warren Photographic Images

Information sources: Otterhouse Studios,   The Daily Mail

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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