Digg Founder Fights Raccoon To Save His Pup

raccoon-roaseSometimes the internet gives you little gifts. This video, and the story attached to it, are one of them.

It goes something like this: Digg founder Kevin Rose awoke in the middle of the night last week to the sound of his dog, Toaster, “crying and yelping in pain.” Upon investigation, Rose found Toaster being attacked by a raccoon. Panicked and sure his pet was in mortal danger, Rose grabbed the raccoon with his bare hands and threw it down some stairs, away from Toaster.

In a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, Rose states: “I do not encourage animal violence. I wanted to get the wild animal as far away from us as possible. Toaster is ok, but has some claw and bite marks.”

It sounds almost unbelievable. And then you see the video:

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Being that this is the internet, there’s of course an animated gif circulating that neatly summarizes the event:

The utter disbelief on that raccoon’s face? PRICELESS.

And raccoon lovers, take heart. According to Rose the shocked raccoon seemed able-bodied after the scuffle and skittered away under its own power. But I’m guessing he or she will think twice before attacking a dog again.

More than anything, Rose’s video articulates just what people will be willing to do to protect their pets — going so far as to physically engage with a wild animal and risk their own physical well-being (rabies, anyone?). Toaster’s one lucky dog – who know what the end might’ve been for him if Rose hadn’t acted.


That said, I’m not sure many of would go so far. What would you be willing to do to protect YOUR pet? Do you see Rose’s actions in trying to save his pup as valiant, or overkill?

Image sources: Know Your Meme, imgur, YouTube

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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