Disney World for Animal Lovers

If you are someone who is fascinated by wildlife, but is not a fan of zoos or circuses, then Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge may be just the place for you!  We just returned from our 6th visit to Disney and our 4th stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Animal Kingdom Lodge still remains our favorite hotel.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to the The Harambe Wildlife Reserve which is an 110-acre sanctuary dedicated to the protection of African wildlife.  When you go on the Kilimanjaro Safari at the reserve, you are taken through in an open-air vehicle which lets you have a great view.  The reserve boasts over 34 types of African wildlife, which seem to be roaming free.  Even though you are not really in Africa, the landscapes are done so beautifully and the animals truly look at home.  There is a chart in the truck to help you with animal identification, and the guides are also knowledgeable.  The tour is slightly different each time you take it; you never know what animals you will see!

At the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can get a room with a savanna view.  The hotel’s four savannas are home to over 200 hoofed animals and birds.  Rooms include a guide with pictures and names of the animals.  It’s fun to see how many you can spot during your stay.  The first time we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge, our kids were 4 and 6.  They are now 15 and 17 and enjoyed seeing the animals just as much this time as they did the first time.  My husband and I also always enjoy the view.  The savanna’s atmosphere is peaceful and natural.

Click through the gallery below to enjoy some of the sights you might see if you are lucky enough to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  • Disney World for Animal Lovers 1 of 12
    If you can't afford a trip to Africa, this might be the next best thing.
  • Warthog 2 of 12
    Despite looking raggedy and having stubby legs, these guys are fast and nowhere near as friendly as Pumba.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Joe Shlabotnick.
  • Reticulated Giraffe 3 of 12
    The Harambe Reserve boasts two kinds of giraffes. The reticulated giraffe's marks only go down to his knees, making it appear that he has on white high socks. Now all he would need is sandals for the perfect outfit.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Tonya Alicia.
  • Masai Giraffe 4 of 12
    This is the second kind of giraffe you might see on your safari. He has jagged spots that cover his whole body.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Tori Siegel
  • White Rhinocerous 5 of 12
    Harambe also has two types of rhinos! This is the white rhinocerous. He is bigger and slower than than his cousin the black rhino.

    Photo Credit -
  • Black Rhinoceros 6 of 12
    Both white and black rhinos are at risk because poachers want their horns.

    Photo Credit -
  • Cheetah 7 of 12
    They are the fastest mammals, though they can only keep their top speed up for about a quarter mile. Pretty sure that doesn't help me any if one is chasing me.

    Photo Credit -
  • Okapi 8 of 12
    The okapi looks like a zebra on his bottom half, but is a member of the giraffe family.

    Photo Credit -
  • Ostrich 9 of 12
    An ostrich's brain is only a quarter the size of his eye. They are the largest of the flightless birds.

    Photo Credit -
  • Zebra 10 of 12
    The zebra seems almost common compared to all the other animals you might see on the savanna.

    Photo Credit -
  • Red River Hog 11 of 12
    Not quite so mean as a warthog, you might see one of these from your balcony at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

    Photo Credit -
  • Roan Antelope 12 of 12
    One of many types of horned, hoofed animals you might see from your hotel room.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Will Bostwick

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