Do You Feed Your Cat Breakfast?

Do You Feed Your Cat Breakfast? via Babble
Does your cat eye your breakfast?

With all the new pet foods out on the market today, our pets are enjoying many of the perks that we do: organic meals, vegetarian selections, and health based mixes specifically designed for certain issues, like weight management and urinary health. Now more than ever, our pets are our family and we treat them in many ways the same we do our children.

Still, there is one thing that I don’t do, feed them breakfast. I mean I do give them food in the morning (and at night), but I don’t give them breakfast food specifically. So I was enthralled when I saw a breakfast food specifically for cats. Fancy Feast has a new breakfast line out called Fancy Feast Mornings Gourmet Cat Food which has the typical seafood flavored fare like salmon and trout, but it also has egg and garden veggies, which make it more breakfast-like. I gotta say I really like it. My cats aren’t very finicky but they are cats after all, and I try to change up their meals so they don’t get sick of any one flavor. I do this with my dogs, too.

Sometimes, I’ll run into a fellow pet owner who feeds their dog or cat just once a day and I tend to think that’s just not enough. Surely 8 hours into the day that pet is hungry again. Back when my dog was a puppy, she ate three times a day but the same food. Now she eats twice a day (same food as well). Imagine if people were given the same exact food for every meal… no breakfast, lunch, or dinner differentiations. Should our pets be expected to eat the same exact thing everyday? I know my pets often get sick of their regular menu.

Do you feed your cats and dogs a different meal at breakfast time? Would you buy breakfast food for your pets? Do you change up your pet’s menu? And how many times a day do you feed your pets?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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